And somehow it’s Friday already! Where did the week go? I am supposed to have finished a (rough) draft of my first paper by the end of today. Eek!

So on that hurried note, on to the clothes! Yes, unlike some of those other blogs, I am posting actual real outfits that I am wearing. Not hypothetical outfits – actual outfits. So yes certain items may get repeated from time to time – but this is the first week of my experiment so I don’t think I’ve repeated anything yet apart from shoes.


Today, I’ve paired a blousey/tunic type Witchery top over a mushroom coloured 3/4 sleeve top from my ex work, and belted (ivory leather Witchery belt) it to create a sort of peplum look. I’ve paired it with a skirt from trademe (originally from Glassons, like the NZ version of Charlotte Russe or Forever 21), purple tights (to bring out the purple in the top, a fossil necklace, and the trusty Dr. Marten Blake boots in grey.

Since it is a bit chilly again today, I’ve also got a purple cardi from my ex work to throw over the top.  I don’t often wear purple (most purples don’t suit me at all) but I am digging this warm deep plummy colour at the moment.  I seem to be wearing purple tights quite frequently as of late!

Always a cardigan for layers!

A side note about Glassons. It is like the NZ chain store for women. I never shop there. Not that I haven’t tried, I have, I honestly have. I do even have a few Glassons pieces in my wardrobe. Lately I think they’ve rebranded as the Dunedin store got a major face lift.

Dunedin glassons store

You have to admit it looks appealing. I hope you read the link about their grand opening as you can see from the queue the target market of Glassons. There are two major obstacles that Glassons would need to overcome to get my business.

  1. The fit is very poor.
  2. The quality is terrible.

Sorry Glassons, your fabrics generally feel cheap and nasty so  I’d rather shop at Witchery on the clearance racks!  Ugh – why do I have to be so attuned to quality?!  They must have figured this out as in 2007 they launched a Witchery-esque company called Storm.  Storm can really only be described as ridiculously overpriced.  Look at their Summer 12 Campaign.  Did I mention NZers are obsessed with black?  And what is with the model looking like a heroin addict?  Gross.  They do seem to offer colours if you look at their site but still…  They aren’t winning my business.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on Glassons, I mean, I am wearing one of their skirts right now, and admittedly it is my fave denim skirt and I wear it often.  But again, I actually bought it 2nd hand…


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