Gray and dreary dunners

So it’s a bit gray and rainy here today, which is reflected in what I’m wearing. I know it sounds crazy but I do honestly check the forecast every day before I get dressed! So if it seems like I dress an awful lot based on weather – it’s true. Here in NZ the weather is extremely, how shall I say, temperamental, changeable, shifty, nearly unpredictable? You can almost never count on having two days in a row of the same thing. In fact, you generally can’t get a whole day of consistent weather. The joke here is that in NZ you can experience 4 seasons in one day. It’s not really a joke. I have experienced this many times myself. It takes 30 min to walk to uni every day, and when I walk home at night inevitably the weather will be different from the morning, so I spend a lot of time outside in this crazy changeable weather (again, highlighting the necessity of good walking shoes). Needless to say, I have to pay attention.

So today is a much more casual look. Gray Witchery top over an ex-work top, paired with 7 for all mankind legging jeans, a very old pair battered pair of chucks and a lovely watch pendant. Casual, but not sloppy or juvenile. And (gasp! shock!) I’m not wearing anything from trademe. This is unusual.

Casual and gray

Meanwhile, does anyone know if an excel chart can be converted or saved as a jpg? I might have to put it into Word and use the draw functions (I’m labeling parameters on a graph). Also, I’m writing a paper – need to have it finished before Xmas. As published papers are key parts of one’s PhD and if you have papers published before your PhD is submitted, it’s points in one’s favour (by your the examiners). So wish me luck!


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