There is a gap in the market

Here is where my blog comes in.  There used to be another blog called Academichic, which I came across via googling PhD chic in hopes for some hits for my Pinterest site.  The only relevant hit was What I Wore mentioning Academichic on her blog.  Long story short, Academichic is no longer updating their site.  BAM!  That is where I fill the gap.  The newer, chicer, PhD chic.

So on that note, here is today’s outfit:

Another beautiful day here in Dunners.  So I took the opportunity to wear my lovely new Modcloth dress.  I’ve paired it with a vintage belt (I received from a friend), a handmade leather necklace (another gift), and my fave OTBT Hutchinson boot (going on their 3rd year of heavy wear and still going strong!).

Anyways – I am loving this dress for summer.  What a cute print!  I only wish I had some cute orangey/rust coloured tights to go with it (as it’s styled on modcloth).  It will definitely be another summer go to item. Lovely and lightweight – just throw it on, accessorize and you are good to go! Did I mention how much I love the print? And it’s blue – the hot colour. Also, it has pockets (yay pockets!), but sadly you can’t see my fab nails so I’ve included a pic of those as well. Yes, I made my first attempt at Konad and though it’s not perfect, I think my technique will improve with time!  [Actually, getting the last 2 nails on my right hand was a bit tricky.  My bf very kindly helped me – he said the Konad technique was very clever!  How many boyfriends out there would help their girlfriends do their nails?!  Yes, he is amazing.]

Just so that you think I haven’t been slacking – I handed my Chapter 4 to my supervisors yesterday, and this morning did some stats.  Yes, you do need a break from running excel macros and SPSS once in a while for fashion.


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