So here is today’s outfit:


Yes, I have a slightly goofy facial expression, but well, you know – it’s a Monday.

So today’s outfit is based from the bottom up again (clearly I have a bottoms up style of dressing, much like Miuccia Prada) – based around the brown cord dkny skirt (trademe!) and celeste stein fazziano venice tights.  Then I’ve got a 3/4 sleeve mushroom coloured top from my old work, and a witchery scarf.  All pulled together with Doc Marten’s Blake boot in grey.  Yes, there is a lot going on but I don’t think it’s over the top.

In other fashion news – I’m trying to decide if I should place an order with modcloth today or hold out for tomorrow (Cyber Monday – peeps!).  I think I’m going to hold out for tomorrow and see if anything new comes up.  They are currently having a 50% off holiday sale – which is fantastic but I think tomorrow is going to be more different sale items so I’m curious to see if anything really good comes up.

And yes, I did spend around 8 hours in the lab this weekend working on my PhD so it’s not all just fashion.

‘Til tomorrow, my lovelies!



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