Saturday quick post

Here I am in the lab, supposed to be writing up results and discussion of the stats that I have been working on for the last 4 months but of course I’m distracting/procrastinating as usual.  I just came across this article on Slate and I think it warrants a quick discussion.

As usual I’m about 6 months behind here (hey, I live in an isolated country, ok?), but Lena Dunham.  I’m seriously hoping that you know who she is.  Please say you’ve at least heard of her.  She is this year’s “it girl”.  Who knows what 2013 holds for her, but she has owned 2012.  I mean, how many millions did she nab on her book deal?  At 26?!

I also hope if you are a female reader that you’ve watched Girls.  Did I watch it and think oh-my-god that IS my life?  No.  Much in the way that I don’t seem to relate to Sex in the City the way 90% of other women do.  Maybe it’s because I’m not part of the NY arty scene (I mean, if they made a show about crazy PhD students living in backwoods NZ – yeah, I would probably think oh-my-god that IS my life!  But as of yet no such luck.  Maybe I need to sell my journals…?). Or it might be that I’m not like 90% of other women.  Yeah.  Could be that.  But I digress.

Lena Dunham (right) and one of the other actresses from Girls

Regardless, girls is still worth watching and the reason it’s worth watching is because of Dunham.  And mostly that is because she is fat (ok, she’s not really ‘fat’ – she is totally normal, but compared to hollywood, she’s fat), and she gets naked and goes without make-up and makes sad attempts at exercise on her show and all of that is important because it actually does seem real and it is the perception of reality that I think viewers (especially women) can relate to.  I guess that is her success – the “reality” (despite the fact that they did go to some large swanky parties in Girls that I can only attribute to the NY scene lifestyle – maybe I’m being a bit hard on NY but after this long in NZ it really seems like a foreign country).  I think the biggest thing that surprised me was that watching her show made me feel really old (and to be fair I am only 3 years her senior).  I mean, isn’t this supposed to be about women in their mid-twenties?  Ok so perhaps I am late 20s now but regardless.  If this is the “defining” show of women in their mid-twenties during the 2010s, I feel as though I wasn’t represented/portrayed in the slightest.

Your thoughts?  Have you watched Girls? Did you relate to it?


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