As promised

A photo (I apologize it’s a bit crap)!  So yes – here is what I’m wearing this Friday, 23 of November (Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!).  I’ve been waiting for another excuse to wear these – can I say fabulous? – printed cords for a while now.  We have a Thanksgiving dinner tonight and o it was deemed a suitable occasion.

Here is where I confess that they are from Anthropologie and they weren’t on sale.  However, they are a statement piece.  Yes, a statement piece is the piece that your ensemble is crafted around.  However, I’ve pair them with flats (I seriously need some brogues) that I bought on trademe for probably $20 NZD, and a sheer top (trademe again – and probably about $12).  And a camisole from my former work.

So yes, they were expensive, but I’ve paired them with secondhand items which negates the price.  At least, that is what I tell myself.  Also, patterned skinny jeans/pants are right on trend at the moment – hopefully for a while so I get more wear out of these babies (which are so comfy, I might add!).

Also I must confess Modcloth had a 50% off sale today and I did some damage…  but c’mon, 50% off…!  And their dresses are seriously fantastic.



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