Let’s go!

Hi reader.  2 posts back to back!  (gasp!  I know)

I mentioned last post how I had quit my job.  And this has led me to a bit of a fashion renaissance.  Not that I had a uniform, but when one works for a clothing company, one feels slightly obligated to wear their product.  Also I felt the need to dress more or less conservatively/professionally.

But now – all of that fashion limitation baggage is gone.  I am just going into uni every day – I can wear whatever I want!  For the first time in years – I can dress entirely for myself every single day.  This has been quite fun.  I didn’t realize how dependent I was on my work’s product for all of my outfits.  Styling ensembles is really fun again (for the record, I am going to try and make an effort to start documenting some of said outfits – for reals).

Also, since I left MN nearly 6 years ago now, my style has changed drastically.  I’ve become a hybrid of MN meets NZ.  Gone are the endless days of t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and hoodies (they’re reserved for weekends only).  Now skirts, dresses, tights and boots generally dominate.  However, I still maintain my love of colour, colour-coordination, and specifically the colour brown.  I still hate pastels (barf).

A little something I like to call NZ awfulness

Kiwis, on the other hand, love black.  Black black black all the time.  Or gray.  And summer = pastels (you probably thought I was exaggerating).  And there always seems to be a lot of – I don’t know how to describe it – tunic-y layering with handkerchief hems?

NZers need help.  I mean, yes they have a distinct fashion style but it is truly awful.  Even young women – the ones in their 20s who should be fashion leaders generally wear a lot of ugly stuff (big baggy – not chic and oversized – just huge and weird).

Admittedly, I spend a lot on clothes.  Probably way more than the average person.  Probably 100 times more than the average PhD student (most of whom are probably beyond help and some who would say I am more interested in fashion than any PhD student has a right to be).  But generally I hold out for sales, I shop around, and I shop second hand, and I shop 90% online.

So what does my distinct style usually consist of?  A combination of trademe (like NZ ebay but better), witchery (probably the only Dunedin store I ever actually go into.  And only when there is a sale), my former work (which I shan’t name), and something from the USA (from either modcloth or amazon).

Finally, there are four other very important things I should mention which has drastically changed my shopping habits:

  1. Walking everywhere = sensible, flat, comfortable, durable shoes.  This translates almost directly to flat leather boots, also must have a good sole.  Quality shoes that you wear frequently and go with nearly everything are an investment.  Also, shoes will make or break your ensemble.  I cannot emphasize the importance of shoes nearly enough!
  2. Available, reasonable international shipping on websites.
  3. Product reviews.
  4. Relative price – most consumer goods in NZ are ridiculously expensive (dresses, boots, jeans, sweaters will all run you $250-400NZD easily), so you pay more for goods to be sent from the US than you ever would have when you were living there without batting an eyelash.

So those are my fashion secrets!  Ready, set, go!



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