The latest and greatest

Hello dear reader.  It’s been a while (as usual).  Hey, these PhDs take time.  I realized this week that I have been doing statistical analysis for essentially the last four months.  Yes four months of stats.  From a single experiment.  Ok it was a data intensive experiment – much of the ‘meat’, as it were, of my thesis.  But still.  This is why PhDs take such a long time.

In the meantime I’ve also quit my job (time is ticking and my PhD demands my full attention these days).  I’ve also installed a little app called “Leechblock” on firefox which allows me to self block certain internet sites (FYI I’ve blocked facebook, trademe, slate, amazon and modcloth) – here’s hoping a more productive and richer me results (although I am desperately waiting for modcloth’s black friday and/or cyber monday sale).

And finally – I know it’s been around for a while, but I think I might try experimenting with Konad.  I love doing my nails but I already have every nail polish colour under the sun and need to try something new I think.  [Don’t know what konad is or how it works?].  Doesn’t it look fabulous?  I like the pattern plates the best.
So that is the latest and greatest.  Happy early Thanksgiving!


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