In case you were wondering…

Here is my new pack!!  I ended up going with the Dueter 45+10l (green, of course!).  I wasn’t sure it was going to be big enough for a 4 day trip but it passed the test!  D and I went on a 4 day tramp with friends (even taking tents, sleeping mats), and a TON of food and still fit everything in (admittedly, my sleeping mat and the tent were on the outside of the pack…  along with my “hut shoes”, but still.  It’s a win).  I thought surely I’d need to get an additional bigger (maybe 60+l) pack for longer trips but nope.  My lovely new 45+10 is going to do the job for probably 95% of the tramps we have planned.  Yay!


Already, SO much more comfortable than my old pack, and definitely lighter too.  Dueter, you have a new fan!!


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