Blogging is hard.

I realize how slack I’ve been but honestly, blogging is hard.  Especially if you have a “personal” blog, like this one.

Because you as the reader are subjected to the whims of the blogger, and unfortunately for you, dear reader, the blogger here is me.  I’ve had grand ideas of blog topics (remember when I was going to post about how to make curtains…  em yeah).  I do a lot of baking so sometimes think about posting pictures and recipes.  I do a LOT of tramping so could post some advice, anecdotes there…

But mostly I’m lazy.  I go for weeks (or months) without posting, and then I post about random things.  I should be posting about my PhD, my ideals and fashion (according to the blog title)…  And I guess sometimes I do, er, sort of.

But sometimes, I just live in the moment (shocking, I know, from the number of facebook photos!).  So I could be documenting everything I do that might be interesting for a blog post, or just enjoy.

So for now, I’m just enjoying.  PhD is going well.  I’m not broke (well…  I’m not having to pay off my loans yet).  We’re going into summer (yay tramping, beach missions and margaritas!).  I am seemingly eating a ridiculous amount of food and not getting fat.  I adore D.  He adores me.  Life is good.  And life will continue to be good at least until Xmas.  It’s after Xmas that the serious pressure to finish will start up, I will have moved to a new flat, and I will really start panicking about my PhD and getting a job (I at least know I will be here in NZ through June, however I’d like to stay until Dec next year and I am not entirely sure how I will be able to wrangle that if I don’t have a job…).  I’m sure it will work out.  But for now, enjoying the calm before the storm.


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