Back! After 4 months of being slack!

Wow.  My last post was MAY 1 and it was about my PHONE!

So what the heck did I get up to during all of May, June, July and August?  Wow this is really embarrassing.  Lets sum up.










And there is always a lot of this:


Anyways, now that the trip to Auckland to see Florence and the Machine (and Frankie) in May, the epic Medieval Party in June, Experimenting like no tomorrow in July, and going to MN in August is all past (not to mention the one million tramps and day walks, competing in the 3 min thesis final here in Otago), there are really only a few factors competing for time in my life: a pretty adorable boyfriend and my thesis.

Its amazing how time just gets away from you.  I expect I might be blogging less and less the closer I get to finishing the old PhD (hopefully there won’t be too many cranky grouchy blogposts at the end – remember the masters anyone?).  I mean, if you thought this 4 month gap between posts was bad….

Actually I was just emailing my sister and she was saying her life is totally crazy busy insane (with 2 kids I can certainly imagine!).  It seems to be a family trait.  At least we don’t get bored.  LOL, I guess on the upside we live reasonably, full exciting lives.  On the downside, sometimes we are running around like crazy people and nearly tearing our hair out.

Anyways, I’ll try and be a bit better about blogging, but honestly the fact that I post photos on FB is about all you can ask at this point (I struggle to feign interest in the upcoming election.  That is how much I have tuned out).  😀  Have about a million tramps coming up over the next 6 months (going into summer so tramping galore) so will try and post a wee bit now again again.  We are supposed to be doing the Routeburn tomorrow but weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating (yet again!  we’ve been cancelled on twice already on the Routeburn this year!) so might head up to Mt. Somers instead.  *fingers crossed for tramping*




One thought on “Back! After 4 months of being slack!

  1. Hooray!!!! Finally a POST!!!! 😀

    I have been periodically checking your (and another sister’s) blog in vain these past months, waiting with bated breath to see what perhaps might be posted. And glory of glory there is one!!! Hahaha!! Have to razz you a bit. But YES thanks for posting and I particularly like the photo of you in the lab. Very nice. LOVE you and MISS you–even with my personal ongoing insane juggling life.

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