I live in a technological cave

My new phone!!

It’s true.  Do you remember last year when I admitted that I abhore techy gadgets?  Well, I still do.  And apparently this has caused me to live in a technological cave and be so out of touch with the newest technology that it’s actually becoming embarrassing.

Ok, so I’ve never really been into phones – I was the last of my friends to get a cell phone at the whopping age of 21.  I have finally been shunned/guilted/shamed into getting a new phone.  It’s been on the list of things to do for over a year now, but I’ve been putting it off since spending kind of a lot of money on a phone just wasn’t on my list of priorities.  I’ve finally broken down and bought one.  The only phone under $200 recommended by consumer reports – yes the LG P-500 Optimus One.  Ok, so not the flashest phone around (only 3 megapixel camera), but it’s still a google android phone, has a touchscreen, can download apps, all that jazz (can you tell how impressed and excited I am?).  Although, the concept of using internet from my phone is somewhat appealing.  And I’ve used my bf’s [much fancier google android] phone often enough now that I kind of had an idea of how to get mine to work.  Still, I am pretty much a technological dunce.

So why did I buy this new phone?  Several reasons.  I was on the old telecom CDMA network.  Been doing a prepay plan of about $25/month for FIVE YEARS.  Yes, getting ripped off for five years (I signed up with a Telecom rep during O-week back in 2007)!  The plan came with a free dinosaur Sanyo flip phone which didn’t even use a sim card.  Since the Telecom CDMA network is closing like, this or next month, it was finally time to buy a new phone and switch providers (since I had to buy a new phone and switch to the Telecom XT network anyways).  Yes, it’s official, I’m [finally] one of the cool kids with an Android phone on the 2degrees network!

I’m also apparently not really into games.  Last week I was at a friends house and they had an Xbox with kinect and were playing Star Wars – Dance OffIt actually blew my mind.  Ok, I’ve been aware of wii and controllers that you use to simulate movement, but Kinect – there are no controllers!!!  It senses your body movement.  Honestly, this to me is so amazing.  This is the kind of video game that I can actually see the appeal of (and not just the dance off section of Star Wars, I mean, wielding a light saber?  Using the force?!  I am so keen).

Star wars dance off

I may have actually been converted to be a fan of video games (without even playing mind you, we were watching 2 guy friends have a Star Wars dance off and it was maybe the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life).  I kinda, actually want one of these Xbox kinect things (they are about $450 here in NZ, fyi).


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