Your pet… could be president?

Howie Staples, the cat that lives at The Critic (Otago student newspaper) office

Okay maybe not.  But a Cat in Virginia is running for Senate.  Yes I agree this is weird, but stranger yet is the fact that pets have previously held offices in the US!  Sunol, CA had a dog for a mayor for 13 years!  As in multiple terms (this was from 1981-1994).

I’m not sure what I think about the idea of animals holding office.  Surely I would prefer a cat or dog to say, Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman.  And if it excites and interests people about elections, then this is a good thing.  Admittedly I have become slightly apathetic myself.  I didn’t vote in 2010 (however, I did in 2008 by absentee, thank-you-very-much).  I suppose part of this is due to living overseas – sometimes it is hard to remain connected and tuned in to local and state politics.  I will definitely vote again this year though.

So would YOU vote for Hank the cat?  Sadly his website seems to be overloaded atm.  And you can even help him campaign here.


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