It’s a Sunday. I feel like I should post something.

But I’m not sure what.  About 3 weeks ago, I had written this amazing post on the allure of redheads, and the general obsession with redheaded people in fiction (a definite result of the fact that I am currently reading The Fiery Cross – book 5 in the Outlander series).  But sadly it got deleted by WordPress!  And now I can’t be bothered re-writing it (you know how sometimes you form this amazing blogpost in your head, and you just have to write it right then, and to do so later just isn’t the same…).

So I suppose I should write about something else instead.  But all I can think about is my recent break-up – and that is the sort of stuff you should not post on the internet.  So that is all I will say about that.  I could also post about how I just read Mars and Venus on a date (on the recommendation by Emily).  But part of me really doesn’t want to admit that I read a dating book.

I could write about how I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy and it was amazing.  But I think you all know that already.

I could write some more about how a PhD affects your life.  But I think I covered that last week.

I could write about how today is the day I arrived in New Zealand exactly 5 years ago.  Five years!  It’s a long time.  And at least 18 months+ to go (we’re still aiming for that Dec 2013 graduation).  I’m at the point where I have spent exactly half of my adult life in MN and the other half here (assuming you count adulthood from the age of 18.  I mean honestly does that really count?!  If not, you could argue that I’ve spent most of my adult life in NZ.  Or alternatively, you could argue that if you’re a student and under the age of 30, you’re not an adult yet).  People keep asking me what I’m going to do when I finish.  The answer: I have no idea!  Job – definitely yes.  Where – definitely don’t know.  Doing what – definitely no clue, hopefully something decent.  When – hopefully Dec 2013!  That is about the best I can hope for.  I guess I’ll have to consider it more when the end is actually in sight, but honestly, you get so focused on the PhD and finishing that sometimes you forget about AFTER.  I need to start prepping myself for one hell of a shock.  It will be shock enough to go from studying to working full time.  But to move countries as well?  Double shock.  And everyone (ok, a few specific people who are quite up to date on global news) keeps reminding me that the USA is going to hell in a handbag (economic crisis and all, out of control debt ceiling) and isn’t that a lovely thought that just makes me want to jump on the first plane home?  Ultimately I try not to let it get me down.  The USA is a big country, filled with intelligent, hardworking, industrious people.  I still have faith.

With that in mind, I suppose I will go back and try and write some more on my thesis.  It IS Sunday, I’m in the lab, and trying to accomplish something.  I want to finish in 12 months, folks!  A mere 12 months (that is 6 months longer than I am supposed to take as it is!).


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