Does living abroad really change you? Or is it just OLD AGE?

My wee car!

So finally here is the photo of my new wee car.  You’ve probably already seen it on facebook, but I did promise to post a photo – so here it is!  Anyways, it is really fabulous having a car again.  It makes me feel slightly less impoverished!  LOL.

Recently I was considering the effects of “living abroad”.  Or in my case – extended period of living abroad.  And how it changes a person.  But then, it probably isn’t just living abroad, I think it’s more along the lines of “life experiences” change us.  So in reality, we change as we get older.  I suppose this is a bit “Duh!  Captain obvious!” but I think it’s a bit fascinating.

For example, my perception of vehicles has definitely changed.  Everyone at home in MN is probably laughing at my new car (it IS a 1995 1300cc 2 door toyota “super windy” after all!).  But for me, right now, it is actually the perfect car!  It’s small (fuel efficient), it was a very good price but still in good condition, and most importantly – it’s an automatic transmission (as I still don’t know how to drive a manual or stick – which makes up about 95% of cars here).  I still walk to the university and work most days (parking is a bit of a pain, walking IS good for me, good for the environment, and good for my budget after all), but a car is a lifesaver on weekends and evenings when the buses actually run for crap.  It’s also probably cheaper than the bus (seriously.  after the initial car purchase, it is cheaper to buy gas, even at $2/litre, than taking the bus!). So a car, for me, has really just become a practical object to get me (and my stuff) around!


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