2011 – all wrapped up

Oh goodness.  It’s that time of year again.  The time of year to review the last year.  And what can I say, but uh, Wow.  2011.

Let’s start off by reviewing some of the goals I set at this time last year.  They mainly focused around 3 main themes:  Fitness/health, crafts/hobbies and tramping/travel:

  • Fitness:  I’ve stuck with yoga all year (on average attending 1 class per week)!  I absolutely love it and believe I will continue to practice for the rest of my life.  I have been and will continue to encourage other people to try yoga as well (like, my parents.  It would be SO GOOD for them.  Especially Dad.  Not quite sure how to encourage them though..  Any suggestions?).  Sure, I might be a godless heathen and all (ssssh!  it’s our little secret), but I think yoga fills a bit of a spiritual “void” – as well as being amazing for the body.
  • Tramping:  I’m in the process of joining the OTMC tramping club.  I’ve done 3 tramps this year – the Catlins River Walk, the Rees-Dart and Casey’s Saddle/Casey’s hut.  Okay, no I didn’t make my goal of the Hollyford, Heaphy, Gillespie Pass or Rakiura, but those will all keep.
  • Reading: as for classics, I read Rebecca, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and I’m about 30% through The Count of Monte Cristo and 50% through The Thorn Birds.  I did do a LOT of reading this year – but mostly it was trashy historical romance/vampire books (as you might remember).  Yes perhaps they did rot my brain a little but we’ve already established that I read for entertainment.
  • Crafting:  I managed to make curtains for one bedroom of now ex-BF’s house.  My grand plans for my etsy shop clearly fell by the wayside when I became addicted to books.  I still have 2 major crafting undertakings left (finishing the curtains for ex-BF’s 2nd bedroom and barbie clothes for my youngest niece – preferably before she outgrows barbies!)
  • Health:  I did manage to lose 3 kg in about Sept of this year, after I broke up with BF and could eat whatever I wanted (woo hoo!) e.g. a low carb diet (albeit, not for $50 a week – which was the food budget I was forced to stick to with ex-BF.  Hence a lot of carbs because they are cheap.  and nasty).  I have since probably put .5 kg on with the arrival of the holiday season in the past couple of weeks.  : (
  • Travel:  I had 4 awesome trips this year (yes I’m spoiled).  The long tramping trip in Feb, a weekend in Auckland in Mar, a week in Melbourne in May, and 3 weeks in MN in July/August to (surprise) visit the fam and my friends.  MN was obviously the highlight – honestly I had such a fun time with my awesome family and friends!  Good food, good times.  Just plain awesome.  Oh, I also did some shopping.

But 2011 was crazy in other ways.  There was the terrible Christchurch earthquake which affected everyone in NZ – but caused great delays specifically to my PhD.  There was the arrival of my gorgeous sweet kitten FeaLion.  Then there was the break-up with ex-BF, moving out of his house, leaving FeaLion behind…  There were the 7 intense and very fun weeks of the Rugby World Cup, which the All Blacks won.  And now there is a new car and a new man on the scene.  Yes 2011 has been a pretty full-on year.

* * * * *

So what’s in store for 2012?  I have some new goals!

  • 1.  Pay of my credit card and start saving (for godsake!).  LOL at this time last year I was nearly debt free.  Haha.  However, Another set of plane tickets to the USA booked, a lot of post-break-up therapy shopping and a car equates: a credit card balance that needs to be paid off.  Ugh!  But on the flipside – I may be poor, but at least I’m happy.  Sure when I was with ex-BF I had no debt – but I was kinda miserable.  We spent so little money – we were super boring and did nothing fun (we did however watch many seasons of select TV shows, many movies, and I read a lot of books).  However, that isn’t how I want to live.  I’m more of a do-er, really.  Maybe I need to try harder to stick to my budget…
  • 2.  Maintain healthy, low-carb eating.  Especially over the holidays.  I need to watch the sweets (and not just watch them go into my mouth!)!
  • 3.  Be SUPER productive on my PhD.  This is year number three people!
  • 4.  Apply for PR.  I know this sounds scary to my MN readers, but it will be beneficial for me to have residency here in NZ.   I just need to suck it up (Hello, it will cost me something like 3k) and do it.
  • 5.  Read more classics!  There are about 8 from last year that I said I wanted to read and still haven’t!
  • 6.  Do the Greenstone-Caples, and the Routeburn (possibly in winter) tracks.  Join the OTMC tramping club and try to do 1 trip/month.
  • 7.  Survive the end-of-the-world/apocalypse, should it occur.  I have my doubts about the world ending in 2012.  Shit hitting the fan financially, environmentally, politically?  Yes, that could happen.  But the world actually ending?  Skeptical.

Yes, I think that about sums it up in terms of goals for 2012.   Did you achieve your goals you set for 2011?  Have you thought about your goals yet for 2012?


3 thoughts on “2011 – all wrapped up

  1. Wow, you did impressively well on your 2011 goals!! Good for you. And getting into yoga (which, by the way, I keep WANTING to do–I get in a class a few times a year and always think, “Wow, I should do yoga more often!” but then do I? No. My bad) is SO cool. WAY TO GO!!! And eating healthfully is important; creating those habits that will help you have a more energetic, healthful life is FAB. 🙂 Yay! Of course you can’t do all of the tramps you want and read all you want but you’ve got certain ones prioritized and that’s key.

    For me, at this life stage of juggling juggling juggling, I’m feeling a bit short on having the time to really sit down and reflectively consider my goals for the next year. Off the top of my head, my goals are, “Stay sane.” Hah!! No, most of my life craziness is self-inflicted and good for the most part. Like, I don’t HAVE to send out Christmas cards, but I want to. I don’t HAVE to buy gifts for all of these people on my list, but I WANT to. So I have pressure at this point to get a lot done, but it’s my own doing.

    Anyway, love the blogs, thanks for sharing your thoughts because it makes me feel like we’re hanging out by the tree at home having a cup of tea and sharing a good conversation. LOVE YOU!!!

    • Love to see your goals my dears! And I can’t agree more with the YOGA. Yes, Yes, Yes. And Pilates please!! I do mat pilates and I really enjoy it. I am trying to do yoga and pilates each once per week but unfortunately you’ve got to reserve a spot in the class exactly 6 days prior and unfortunately I often forget to do so, and the class is then full. Grr!

      PR – yes, Becca, makes me scared. But I understand.

      I love your healthy – read lots – travel – keep finances in check – and kick butt on the PhD goals Becca!! I’m so proud to call you sista; my sisters are amazing women who keep me awed at all they do!!

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