Did I say that?

Just re-reading my last post which started off with “Wow.  The craziness has subsided.”


Welcome to my life.  It’s apparently all craziness ALL the time!  Between working, trying to finish my present round of experiments, shifting out of my house, trying to find a new flat and moving in with friends in the meantime (housing related dramas which I just can’t be bothered going into), buying a CAR, planning what I’m going to be doing over Xmas when my friend Katie comes to visit and trying to have a social life….  I’m exhausted.  Perhaps not as much as Emily, but more than most people who don’t have babies!

Oh yes.  Buying a car.  Hm, well funny story that.  Not like I’ve got heaps of money (but I DO have a credit card) or anything, but the opportunity to purchase a quite good, essentially perfect car for me, at a good price came around a few weeks ago, and well, I had to snatch it up.  I have been 4 years and 10 months without owning a vehicle.  And well, I’d really like to have one again!

So yes, as of tomorrow, I shall be the proud owner of a 1995 2-door toyota corrolla 1.3 “super windy” (dark blue hatchback).  Why is it perfect for me?  Well, it’s tiny 2 door – small so light on petrol (hello $2/l here in NZ.  That is equivalent to roughly $6USD/gallon) – but it’s an automatic (no, I still do not know how to drive a manual.  95% of cars in NZ are manuals).  But the seats fold down so surely 2 people plus tramping gear will be no problem.  Or 3-4 people and gear over the Xmas holidays…  LOL that will be interesting.  I guess we’ll be cozy.  Hey, I’m on a budget here!

Anyways, I’m pretty excited about this little beauty.  I shall try to post some photos in the not too distant future.

AND it’s my first ever car purchase!  Even though I’m a grad student, at least I’m not completely devoid of adult experiences…

So here is me and my new car:

From Phdcomics.com


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