Rugby and Halloween wrap-up

Wow, the craziness has subsided.  Rugby World Cup is over (New Zealand – The All Blacks defeated France in the final, in case you live in a cave, under a rock, with earplugs on).  It actually wasn’t the most amazing game to watch (it was intense.  Those dastardly French almost had us!  We only beat them by 1 measly point!).  The NZ v. Australia semi-final was much more exciting – and incredibly brutal, I might add!

RWC fever is over.  The tourists are all gone (we only have cruise ship tourists now.  Ugh.  aka: How to spot a retired American couple from 100 yards).  Graham Henry has stepped down as coach of the ABs now that he has his RWC win.  And it’s another 4 years ’til England (who will be the 2015 hosts).  Four years to save, that is!  I would definitely attend another RWC.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  Maybe it was more fun as a hosting country, but the past 8 weeks have just had this amazing positive energy vibe.  It’s been incredible.  It wasn’t something you could capture on film.  And it’s not something I can adequately convey in words.  You just had to be here to feel it.  2015 probably won’t be the same.  But, I reckon it would still be very fun to follow the ABs through their next RWC campaign.  So save up, I shall…  : D  And I have all that expensive (‘professional grade’) black and white hair paint – I didn’t buy it for nothing!

*   *   *   *   *

Another Halloween has past (yes, I pulled off the matador costume at the last minute.  Not quite as sparkly as I would have liked, but there were only so many sequins I could sew on at the absolute last minute (yes I was wearing my costume at the time).  Sure, there was no Dia de los Muertos party like I wanted (since I am now sans-house), but I went as a matador regardless of the fact that I had no bull.  And in a costume like this, who needs one?!  And of course, there can always be Dia de los Muertos parties in the future!

The Matador

Can I just say how fun it was dressing up as a man?!  My flatmate gave me a big (further) inflated ego by saying it takes a lot of balls to dress up as a man (I think she used the term guts, but I prefer balls, particularly in this context).  Especially since I actually looked quite, er, mannish.  The mustache, in particular, added to the effect (and to think I wasn’t sure if I should wear it or not!).  In fact, many people commented on how well the Mo suited me.  I am slightly flattered and creeped out at the same time.  But man oh man, it was fun pretending to be a Matador!  I always love something a little different or unusual, so to be dressed up on Halloween and not *trying* to look sexy as so many of my contemporaries do was – it felt, well, empowering!  I think I might wear a non-sexy costume every year!  My new motto:

“Thou shalt not give in to the pressure to look and dress like a skank on Halloween.”

Speaking of amazing, non-sexy costumes for women, this is probably the coolest one I saw.  An absolute inspiration!

Shipwreck costume by staff member (from facebook)

Angler-fish costume in 2012, anyone?


2 thoughts on “Rugby and Halloween wrap-up

  1. Oooooh, angler fish is a MUST DO!!! 🙂 Hahaha. Makes me think of Finding Nemo.

    Love your matador by the way. Very cool. I once heard someone say that Halloween gives men a chance to dress like women and women a chance to dress like hookers. :/ Very sad!! Let’s get creative, people! Like my lil’ sis matador! XO XO

  2. Thanks! : D Yeah I’m not sure yet how an Anglerfish costume would work. I’ll really have to get creative and diversify into materials other than fabric! Eek gotta stretch my crafting skills!

    OHMIGOODNESS “Halloween gives men a chance to dress like women and women a chance to dress like hookers” that is so funny but so sad!

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