I’ve been a little bit busy.  Last weekend I went tramping, which was epic.


But we’re really getting to crunch time here, people!  Halloween is a VERY serious business – as you well know.  Last year’s costume is going to be hard (if not impossible) to beat.  I mean, David Bowie.  C’mon!

David Bowie!

So this year I was thinking that I would go as the thing I’ve wanted to go as since after 2006.  A matador!  I also think this would be a great “couples costume” as one could be the matador and the other could be the bull!

Soooo sparkly

Pretty much I just want to sew a whole lotta sequins onto some really tight black pants, wear a jacket with shoulder pads and wave around a red cape…  Thank goodness the weekend before Halloween is a 3 day weekend here in NZ – as I will need all 72 of those hours to make my “suit of lights”.

BUT I am beginning to think that perhaps I’ve waited too long and my matador costume might be a tad too ambitious for this year (and there is that whole lack of a bull… er, I mean, bf, aspect).  So I’ve had some other ideas.  All of them too, are men.  (Halloween.  ‘Tis the season for socially acceptable cross-dressing.)

Alternative #1:


Can you guess why?!

Yeah.  I can rock that hair.  Actually, I would not just be justin beiber, I was thinking, “justin beiber slightly mutilated”.  Maybe justin beiber zombie?  Or just a Justin Beiber who has been killed in some horrendous way.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

I think it would be hilarious, but as usual I’m concerned people may not actually know what I’m dressed up as.

Alternative #2:

David Bowie one year, Freddy mercury the next... Noticing a trend here?

There is a nice little post here on how to make your own Freddy Mercury costume.  I think it would be fun.  And I’d get to wear a mustache.  And I could totally rock the hair again (slick it back and add some coloured hairspray – voila!).

SO I guess at this point I’m still undecided.  Which one can I truly pull off with only 2 weeks to go ’til H-day (party, that is)?  I kind of think I might be leaning towards the Beiber plan (just because it would be kinda hilarious, although, would I have to learn his songs?!  *cringe*).  I guess it might all just come down to what clothing items are easiest for me to locate (purple cardigan, anyone?).


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