Temptations abound

What’s a single girl to do?  So many temptations!  Today I am fancying this one:

Graceful Greenery Dress

How adorable?!  Now I’m torn?  The Shoes (from yesterday)?  Or the dress (above)?

I think I need a rich boyfriend…  Kidding!  Kidding!  I think I need to stop going to modcloth.com and amazon.com.

Speaking of amazon, it introduced its new e-readers today!  Gutted, I know.  One without buttons too…  That would have been sweet.  But whatever – I am very satisfied with my kindle, it goes to the gym with me, uni, I read it over my lunch hour, at home, in bed…  Anywhere a book would go!  I am currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo, after finishing The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.  Yes, working my way through the classics (woot woot)!

And why are they classics?  They are absolutely beautifully written.  The language used by the authors is absolutely amazing (rich, full of prose – and so expressive!).  Reading something like The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, compared to some cheapo mass market paperback is actually such a shock, it’s actually painful (to my brain!).  I’m embarrassed to admit that I tried to read this.  4.5 stars on amazon?  And complete drivel (it was free).  Yes, I’ll stick to the free classics thank-you-very-much.

Funny, you would think that one of the qualifications for writing a book would be actually knowing how to write, having some knowledge of language, some insight into human nature, an expansive vocabulary, a grain of creativity…  anything!  Clearly not.  To me, it makes authors (J.K. Rowling comes to mind) that much more talented.  To conceive such an epic story and write it so well, that it appeals to millions of people – pretty much blows my mind as I don’t think I could do it.

I just can’t believe how such immensely poorly written books get published (and so many of them to!  Do modern readers/publishers have no standards whatsoever?).  Especially as I know of a few struggling writers out there, who could surely write the pants off of some of these modern day so-called authors.  Not that my blog is any indication of my superior writing…  But as an avid reader, I can distinguish the enormous differences between writers and writers.  Alas, I digress from the extremely shallow persona I strive to exhibit on this blog.

So now, back to me being single.  For a couple of days now, I found myself wondering if I could be single for a year.  Should I even try to limit myself in that way?  I mean, what if I meet someone?  You know, someone?  But at the same time, I don’t want to date just anyone.  And part of me thinks that maybe I haven’t met that someone yet.  Maybe he’s back in MN (or somewhere else in the good ol’ USA) patiently awaiting my return from NZ. Although, do I really want a man who is just sitting and waiting around for me to show up?  No, not really.  Hopefully he’s out there in the great wide world – living his own life.  Perhaps he’s overseas too?  So much speculation as to who, where and what this mystery man might be up to…

Regardless, let’s just say the prospect of dating while in my final years of my PhD is not actually that fabulous.  I’m going to be working my butt off trying to write this thesis.  My social life will undoubtedly suffer.  So if I limit myself to being single for a year – well, in a year’s time I won’t have time for a boyfriend anyways so this single for a year idea seems rather silly.  I could try not to get distracted by anyone less than worthy, and hold out for someone truly awesome.  OR if we’re not destined to meet until I finish my PhD and move back home, then why shouldn’t I be enjoying myself in the meantime?  And let’s not forget that by the time I do actually finish, I will be the big 3-0 and isn’t that pretty much the (dating) death of most women?

SEE?!  This is what doing a PhD does to you.  You actually put your life on hold in pursuit of a degree.  Which is a bit crazy, because life is what happens while you’re waiting around for something else to happen to you.  So I say – live it up!  The only thing you can take with you are your experiences.  It would be a shame to pass up life experiences for one reason or another (money, fear, etc.).  We’re here to live.  So get on with it already.  Stop reading this blog!  Go outside and enjoy the sun, read a book, meet a friend for coffee, take a risk and talk to someone new (maybe you’ll make a new friend).  Just live.  Oh, and don’t forget to look great while living.  So which is it – green dress or orange shoes?


6 thoughts on “Temptations abound

  1. I love your post. I especially love the part about the awful writers that call themselves writers. I am trying to get published, but like you said a blog is not your novel, or book, it is where you express yourself in anyway you feel. I hope you find your love. I am a hopeless romantic that is why I write romantic fiction. I love the thought of falling in love, or being in love. Aww, it is just soooooo………..

  2. I say GREEN DRESS! Also, many people who have free e-reader books are “self published” – pretty much anyone can publish a “book.” They aren’t necessarily going through a publisher or editor or anyone who knows anything about literature. For example, my dad wrote a kids spy novel and published it on Amazon for the Kindle and it’s being sold for 99¢! It has never been an actual book, other than him printing it off at home and stapling in the corner 🙂 And, not that it isn’t a fun read, but creative writing isn’t necessarily his forte.

    So, that might explain some of the terrible books you have read. However, I wouldn’t rule out all free books – you never know if you might find a diamond in the rough! (I just watched Aladdin.) I actually did read a pretty interesting mystery book that was free, among many others that were bad. I figure if it’s free, it’s no big deal to download it and check it out, you can always delete it!

  3. I like the shoes…but I’m in LOVE with the dress! You’re right about the degree thing; people I know for undergrad around here have houses and jobs and husbands (or wives) and kids. What I have, three very expensive pieces of paper and a rather impressive set of letters after my name 🙂

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