I should never be allowed to be single.

I really shouldn’t.  But first:

I received a nice little thank-you note from freedom wigs this week, saying that my hair was acceptable for donation (yay!) and that they had made a deposit of $18 to the SPCA.  Hehe.  Yeah, I knew my hair wouldn’t be worth much since it was so layered – only a small bit was 12″ or longer.  But still, I’m happy to donate my hair to a good cause, and have the funds donated to a good cause as well.  It’s like, doubley good, right?

But back to why I shouldn’t be allowed to be single.  All I can think about are….



And more shoes.

Today I discovered Endless.com offers FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on orders over $100!  Free INTERNATIONAL shipping?!  That is pretty much unheard of in the land of online shopping.  And for a mere $100?  That is like almost nothing.  Well, okay not nothing but when you usually have to pay about $30 for shipping, you end up buying heaps (almost always more than $100) to make the order worth the price of the shipping anyways!  You can even sign in using your Amazon account and they have practically all the same shoes.  Like these beauties:

Love these

I also want these

Hmm…  I mean, everyone deals with break-ups in their own ways, right?  I know I’m not alone in this counseling by shopping (another friend and I were recently discussing this just the other day).  Although I should mention my ex bf did make me promise I wouldn’t buy 8 pairs of boots like I did last time we broke up.  I wish I was joking.  I was finishing my masters thesis at the same time so it wasn’t all him.

But yes, suddenly being single – I’ve realized – hey, I need to look good all the time!  Hence the perfume (speaking of which, a shoutout to luckyscent.com – d*** that was some fast shipping!), the shoes, the cosmetics…  Oh, and lets not forget the fact that in my desire to be busy and social there have been dinners and drinks and parties (and boy, those dinners and drinks all add up quickly too).

Needless to say, I’m poor so I probably don’t really need orange wedges…  But they’re so darn cute!  There was a feature on all orange clothing items in one of the papers last week.  Apparently it’s the hot colour of the season.  I don’t really suit orange, but then I saw a feature on shoes and have just combined the two.  Orange.  Shoes.  This season’s fashion essential.

SO, which of the above shoes do you like more?

Decisions.  Decisions.



3 thoughts on “I should never be allowed to be single.

  1. Personally I like the second pair. SOOO cute, I can see why you’re tempted to have break-up-therapy by shoe browsing and buying. But don’t tell Mom and Dad I said so!! (Shhhhh …) Heee heee!!!

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