I chopped off all of my hair.  Got the glamorous pixie cut.  I absolutely positively LOVE it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  LOVE.


The HAIR! 12" unprocessed goodness

chop chop!


Actually, I love. Especially with that top...


So there we go!  The stylist did an AMAZING job, I think.  Actually when I went in to the salon (Aart in Dunedin), there was a big sign on the door about how the stylist I was going to, Kelsey, had just won an award for men’s haircuts.  So she was definitely the right person for the job, eh?!   She was great and gave me hints for styling as well since, if you know me, I’ve never had anything shorter than a chin-length bob and even that was only for like a year when I was 14.  So some short hair tips were definitely needed!

LOL, it’s quite funny as most people, magazines, blogs, etc. advise against going from super long to super short because it can often be ‘too drastic’.  Admittedly, I was after a bit of a drastic change and I get to cross off  “donate my hair to charity” from my life list!  Woo hoo!  So I guess maybe that is why I love it so much.

Also, I did my research.  I got a referral for the stylist.  I thought about the cut for months (as you know).  I researched on blogs and other sites, so I know I have an oval shaped face (suitable for pixie hair cut) and good skin and I look good with my hair pulled back and have good features.  All of those are factors which contribute to pulling off a pixie cut.  And one thing the blogs didn’t mention but I personally think is useful is confidence (which apparently I have in spades!  eek…).  Which is true, many women are too scared to chop all their hair off.  I used to be one of them.  But not anymore (hello living overseas = openness and willing to try new things)!

Overall, so far, I’ve had positive feedback from everyone (admittedly I can’t wait to see a few people’s reactions…  Since I didn’t really tell anyone, apart from you readers, what I was up to).  And I’m keeping it on the DL on facebook until I see most of my NZ friends in person.  Well, I’m going to try at least.  Pretty much I am dying to post the photos.

Most importantly, I love the new style and feel super ‘vogue-y’ (British?  Mod?  Hipster?  Glamorous?), and that is all that matters!  (woo hoo!  it’s all about ME!  just kidding readers.  I promise to stop obsessing now).


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