Yesterday it was shoes, today it’s PERFUME!

Perfume samples, anyone?

Okay.  So this is pretty much how I deal with being single.  I shop (ok, my credit card balance is still zero mind you – but lets just say I’m not making my savings target!).  I’m okay to admit this.  Yesterday it was shoes.  Today, it’s perfume.

I hardly ever wear perfume.   It just seems like such an effort to actually find one I like (I mean, who wants to go into a store and try on 3 or 5 or 10 scents?!  I am a firm believer in actually trying on a fragrance – they whole mixing with the body chemistry thing.  Eventually they all smell the same and you come out smelling crazy…  It just doesn’t appeal).  So today I had a brilliant plan to try and get some samples.  If you are in the US, you can waltz into certain stores and just ask for samples (for FREE!).  They may or may not give them to you if they have them.

Here in NZ… Haha – we’re not so lucky.  I decided to go the internet route.  Surely, there must be some website which will sell little sample vials for cheap, right?  I mean, I will never use up a whole huge bottle of perfume.  Surely I’m not alone in my desire for smaller quantities and greater variety of fragrances.

Well, if you’re anything like me – you’re in luck!  My favourite first site was Beauty Encounter.  Heaps of samples.  Heaps (and plenty from $1-$3)!  Unfortunately, shipping to NZ was a small fortune ($23.00 + $3.00/item?!  Not condusive to ordering a large number of samples).  If I was in the US, that would have been my site.  Instead, Lucky Scent won my business with their $6.00 flat rate for sample orders (hell yeah!).  Admittedly their selection wasn’t as big and the perfumes were more expensive (starting at $3/sample), but the fragrances seemed pretty high end so I’m satisfied.  I expect my samples will last me the rest of my life as I’m still working on a DKNY woman sample from over a year ago!!  Who knows, maybe I’ll start wearing perfume more often now…


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