I’m in love!!!

With this brand of shoes.  I just discovered them today via another blog.  I’ve now been on their website, liked them on facebook AND looked them up on trademe, amazon.com, amazon.co.uk.  I’m drooling, fantasizing and dying (a little inside) over these shoes.

Why?  I guess right now I am really into “statement pieces”.  Okay that’s a bit of a lie, I have always been into statement pieces.  I recently bought this skirt – because well…  it’s fricking fabulous.  I mean, talk about a statement!  And conversation piece, I might add.

Sunday diving skirt - modcloth.com

I’m pretty stoked to wear it.  I’m figuring navy cardigan over black or orange camisole and black heels.  Nice!

If you are wondering what a “statement piece” is – it is that one item that the rest of your ensemble is built around.  Typically something that makes a statement and will be the focus of the outfit.  Obviously it can be any piece of clothing or accessory (or as you shall soon see – shoes!).  Some people avoid statement pieces because they are hard to wear for several reasons:

  1. You must be careful what you pair them up with – statement pieces need to be paired with more basic pieces.  Too many statement pieces in an outfit will look cluttered.  Also, how can the viewer focus on your statement piece if it’s not being accentuated by other less interesting/more basic items?
  2. Because they are memorable, you shouldn’t wear them too often (e.g. “Becca weren’t you wearing that same thing at such-and-such event?”  *gasps in horror*  A fashionista should never be caught wearing the same thing twice!)

But right now, at this very minute, I am fantasizing about statement shoes.  Gorgeous fabulous totally crazy out there Irregular Choice shoes.  Here are some of my faves (in order):

I. Need. These. NEED!!!

I need these too! Too bad they don't appear to be available anymore. :-*(

These ones have whiskers. WHISKERS!!

DISCO FEVER! I feel it.

Again no longer available, but fabulous!

Seriously awesome take on basic black!


MIAOW! Literally.

Soo sparkly!

I know.  It’s pathetic.  Seriously, these shoes…  I am speechless.  If you want to see more awesomeness, just type “Irregular choice shoes” into google images.  Actually, “Irregular choice green boots” brought up some f—ing fabulous shoes that I can only dream of…  and drool over…

Yes, I’ve got it bad.  I’m in LURVE!


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