Only in Dunedin

I know I should be blogging about 9/11 and how I feel 10 years on.  But I also know there will be thousands of blog posts, many probably better than mine, on this subject.  So instead, I shall endeavor to lighten the mood and share some special Dunedin culture.  Nude rugby.

Go Nude blacks!

Not a joke.  And this has been going on for years.

So here are some links in order if you want to learn all about this er, interesting Dunedin specific phenomenon.

This first one is a video with a bit about the culture of the Nude Blacks.

Here are some photos of their most recent match, which was particularly interesting since their challengers were some lovely spanish ladies (I mean seriously, how ludicrous is that photo on the left?!  Many a man’s dream?  Or maybe a woman’s dream too?  I don’t know!).  This one is video of the aforementioned match.  And finally here is a rundown of the game, including the score.

It cracks me up, to be perfectly honest.  I’m dying to go to one of their games (I hope there are some more coming up but I only hear about these things after they happen!)- what a riot!  And seriously, nude rugby is indicative of Dunedin culture.  Gotta give it to these guys (and girls!) – they have some serious balls.


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