I suppose since the RWC is almost upon us, I should blog about it

This is the one obligatory RWC post.  Well, maybe I’ll post more later, say, if NZ wins (or if the nights out in town post games are incredible…  or awful).  But I watched the 2007 game when we lost to France in the quarter finals, so let’s not hold our breath.

Anyways, Rugby in NZ is a thing of beauty, and I suppose the thousands of people not just in NZ but here in Dunners (15,000 British – aka the “barmy army”) is something to be kind of excited about.  I have finally decided that I do in fact, want to be a part of it so am actually going to try to go to one of England’s games (three of their games are based here in Otago).

So if you are interested in some of the rugby buzz, here are a few links!

The haka, of course, an integral part of NZ Maori culture.  Can’t wait to see some impressive Hakas by the All Blacks before their games…!

More details on the above haka can be found here.

And today, I was pleased to see my favourite former AB* (and NZ celebrity – hey!  He was on NZ’s Dancing with the Stars.) in the news.  Check those links out here and here.  Anyways, lets go ALL BLACKS!

* Let’s just say in 2008 I sprained my ankle, and unbeknownst to me, my physiotherapist was one of the most famous All Blacks of all time.  I didn’t realize until just after my very last session!  He would have thought it was hilarious – I was probably his only patient who didn’t exactly know who he was (me being an American and all).  And here he had been massaging my ankle and leg for weeks (Rugby players here in NZ are like gods, therefore it was like I had the hand of God working on my ankle – LOL!)!  *swoon*  He is lovely though – a very nice guy.


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