Using facebook in new and unintended new ways? Does this make me a freak?

I have sunk to a new level of facebook weirdness.  Okay wait for it.

I have stalked my ex-hairdresser (who moved to Melbourne back in May!  Boo hoo!) for hair advice.  We are not friends on FB, but he was good friends with exes sister (who is my friend and now ex-flatmate), so they were obviously FB friends.

Here is the dilemma.  Okay, need I explain – my hairdresser moved overseas!  Do you know how long it takes to build up a relationship with a hairdresser?  Especially if you are me and you are cheap – only getting a haircut every 3 months, max.  Finding a new hairdresser at that rate could take years! And since, as we have recently been discussing, I pretty much want to get the most crazy haircut of my entire life…  Well, you can’t just trust that sort of drastic major epic haircut event change to just anyone!  So yes, I private messaged my former hairstylist to ask who I can trust for my new do.

I suspect that is a use that Zuckerburg probably never originally intended for FB.

You might be wondering why I didn’t just go into the salon and talk to the owner (who is very cool) and glean some advice (or just go with my original preference which is to have a man cut my hair.  I know, weird right?  I just prefer men hairstylists.  Always have.  But again, I was too scared to actually request one of the men there because you never know if they are accepting new clients or not [there are only 2!], and one is the owner so maybe he doesn’t really do much actually hairstyling…  you just never know!!!)?  Well, clearly I am a wimp.  But honestly, the salon receptionist really scares me.  I don’t know why.  Probably because I am a wimp.



One thought on “Using facebook in new and unintended new ways? Does this make me a freak?

  1. Hahaha!! That’s funny. But seriously–hair IS a big deal! It’s like an outfit that you wear EVERY SINGLE day … so you want to think about it and have someone you trust be in charge of a huge change like the one you’re thinking about. I would ask if anyone at the salon has experience in doing massive hair changes like that, or is really great at giving pixie cuts. Or ask someone who works at the salon–if THEY were getting a pixie cut, who would they choose to cut it? Then see if the recommended stylist happens to have a client you could talk to, a reference perchance? Maybe that’s high maintenance. But when I switched hair dressers, I basically called the new place and asked for someone who either has curly hair or specializes in cutting it or both. And that’s how I found my stylist who I LOVE.

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