Why hello there!  Can you tell I’m no longer on holiday with all these recent posts?  I know, and you thought I’d be spending all my time reading my kindle…  Just when you thought you had OD’d on book blog posts…  ok just kidding.  We’re not quite there yet.

No, I haven’t attached myself to my kindle yet as, well, breaking up takes a lot of mental and physical energy.  This weekend I spent packing up all (read: some) of my crap (how is it possible I have 2 boxes of shoes – and those are just the ones I didn’t envision myself wearing this week!  Two, no, three boxes of books!  An entire box of handbags…  2+ boxes of booze…  And I haven’t even started packing the actual clothes yet!)…  I seriously need to have a purge of epic proportions.  I mean, I can’t bring most of this stuff back to MN (in 2 years) with me anyways!  Although I already have an excellent plan of when my family comes to visit for my PhD graduation (which, they will have to.  Yes – that means you!), they will all have to take back some of my crap (I mean prized belongings which I will have whittled down to the most precious bare nothings by that time) in their luggage!  MUAHAHAHA!  And I suppose I will pay big bucks to ship the rest.  Eek.

Anyways, yes packing sucks.  But moving I think will be good.  I’m really really excited to have my own room again!  I know – it’s a bit silly but, you know what, I’m darn excited.  I can decorate it they way I want (i.e.  Put up posters of Richard Armitage and Alexander Skarsgard.  Speaking of which, which one do you like better?)

Guy of Gisborne, Dark and Brooding

Richard Armitage - Just his face!

Now that I’m single – woo hoo photos of hot men on my wall!  Ye-ah!

Right.  Speaking of ch-ch-ch-changes (yes, I heart David Bowie), I am back to thinking I might chop off all my hair!  Nothing to do with breaking up…  I swear.  You do remember a few months back when I posted all those goofy photos of hairstyles?  Well, I am seriously thinking of chopping off all the locks (especially as I could cross another item off of my life list – donate my hair to charity!).  I still want something that looks like the following:

I. Love. Kiera's. Hair.


Can't forget Winona's pixie cut!

This one is cute too!

To chop, or not to chop?  That is the question.

I don’t want to end up looking like a boy (hello the haircut I had when I was 15!).  Randomly last night we (bf, bf’s sister and I) were discussing the merits of short hair in my soon to be former flat .  Bf’s sister said she’d save tons of money on her hair (which is long and she has highlighted every few weeks).  Whereas I think if I went short I would actually spend more money because I would be forced to get it trimmed every 6 weeks to maintain the look (whereas right now I am on the 3-4 month schedule – I mean long hair – who can tell it’s been cut anyways?!).  Hey, haircuts here in Dunedin run $60NZD (that is with the student discount, mind you) at a decent salon.

I suggested that one needed to be really thin to pull off short hair, whereas bf’s sister suggested you needed to have very fine facial features.  Hmmm…  I know I have the oval shaped face (score!) but fine ‘pixie-like’ facial features?  Not with these eyebrows!  We also suggested that it is easier to pull of short hair if you are drop dead gorgeous.  (Ha.  Ha.  I wish.)  Also, back in May, my stylist moved to Melbourne so I don’t have a regular trusty stylist yet.  I wouldn’t trust just anyone to chop off all my hair, mind you!  And they’d have to tell (teach) me how to style it as I wouldn’t have a clue (hello at least shoulder length hair for years and years and years)

I just think it would be fun to have crazy short hair for a while.  And it would be super different from anything I’ve ever had.  I mean, it will always grow back.   I just don’t want it to look awful.  Or mannish.  Thoughts?  I don’t need to decide this moment as I am probably not due for another haircut for at least 4 weeks.  But a pixie cut for summer could be quite perfect…


3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-Changes

  1. Ooooohhh, so many choices for you, fun!! I too LOVE the short pixie cuts but know that I could never pull it off — basically my hair would turn into an out-of-control curly frizz head with my curls. But you are gorgeous so you could pull it off in my opinion. Could you go to one of those websites where you upload your photo and put hair styles on your head? 🙂 Then we could all vote!!!

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