Welcome Back!

Hi All!  Yes, I took a wee hiatus from blogging.  I went home to glorious beautiful fabulous sunny Minnesota!  And I probably saw a few of you readers there.

There are two very good reasons you didn’t hear from me.

#1.  All I could think of during the month of July was my upcoming trip, which was a surprise for my sisters.  Its hard to write a personal blog of your thoughts when your thoughts are consumed by a non-bloggable topic.

#2.  I then arrived in MN and had 3 weeks of non-stop fun crazy awesome goodtimes with my amazing family and splediforous friends.  So I didn’t have time to blog (much less sleep or, haha, exercise or even read a book for 3 weeks).

Beautiful BWCA!

But now I’m back in NZ.  Working on my PhD.  *sigh*

I just want to finish and go back home to MN, dammit!  Hopefully the trip home will provide some motivation for me to really get my butt in gear.  It would be easier if I didn’t have all these hold ups with my experiments.  It’s easy to be motivated when you actually have some data and results to analyze, write about, compare, etc.

On the other news front, bf and I broke up.  *sigh*  We’re going to remain friends, and we still really like each other and get along but…  I kind of feel like it’s one of those celebrity relationships and they just cite “irreconcilable differences”.  Anyways, this week I’ll be shifting out of his house.  He gets to keep the curtains I made, our adorable FeaLion…  well, nearly everything as I guess I plan to move back to the USA in 2 years anyways.  We both also want the tent and the Brandenburg poster…  *double sigh*

In the meantime, I’m quite looking forward to a bit more independence.  I plan on continuing to eat cheaply, but healthier (less carbs, as inspired by this article).  I’ll be maintaining my gym-ing, yoga-ing, swimming, and hopefully do a lot more tramping as my friend who I’m moving in with is a member of the Otago Tramping club and goes on all these day tramps with them.  I am looking forward to that!  And I’ve got not one but two girls night dinners coming up, one tomorrow and one next weekend too.  *cue Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies*

Anyways, yes it’s true, I am back to the usual.  Started watching Spooks (British spy show) from season 7.  You may wonder why I started at Season 7 and not Season 1 which might actually make sense.  Well, Richard Armitage isn’t in seasons 1-6 so I don’t really see the point in watching them…  I’m only 3 episodes in and I’ve already OD’d on explosions and Russians.  Anyways, I’ll carry on doggedly (he’s in seasons 8 and 9 too, so hopefully the plots will get better!).  I can always re-watch Robinhood, if need be.

Okay, that’s it for today (I already wrote a blog post on travel tips for work – so I’m worded out!).


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