BAA – Book Addict Anonymous

I know…  I’m still on the books.  What else does one do while one spends an entire year waiting for one’s experimental materials?  The joy of a doctorate.

A couple of weeks ago I tried to start a book club.  My co-worker is part of one which sounds really cool.  I thought it might inspire me to read books I wouldn’t have otherwise picked out (you know, diversify awake from the ‘trashy’ books I generally read).  I threw the suggestion out as a suggestion for a ‘girls night’ activity to a few peeps I know, but was pretty much unanimously vetoed as people in general:

  • don’t like reading fiction
  • don’t have time for reading
  • book club (with a deadline) sounds too much like homework

I’ve finally had an “aha” moment.

99.995% of people do not like reading as much as me.

I just never knew.  I mean, maybe I sort of suspected, but I guess I should have realized many years ago as a child – no other children read on the school bus.  Not everyone ordered a book every month from the scholastica monthly newsletter (and the stickers – lets not forget those!).  And I am pretty sure I read most of the books in the school library.  As an 8th grader for english class we had monthly targets of reading and writing.  Needless to say I exceeded the reading targets, and  I read books like Alive and The Giver.  I had long since read every L.M. Montgomery book.  At home, if I was bored, I would scour the house for any, literally any book I could find that I hadn’t read.  We’re talking closets (pretty sure that is how I came across Jane Auel), and even the old Reader’s Digest condensed books from the 1970s.  OH, and the monthly reader’s digest.  I ate those ones up.  In high school I would read in between classes.  There were only 5 minutes between periods.  Yes, I love fiction.  Someone put me onto something, and I read it.  Voraciously.

Through college I still read, although rather sporadically, and often at the gym.  Then I came here to NZ and pretty much didn’t read at all, unless I was on an airplane.  I had become addicted to the internet instead.  And I was doing this thing called grad school where I had to do a lot of reading as part of my study so didn’t read as entertainment anymore.  But in the last year or so, somehow, the reading addiction has crept back into my life.

Book LurveI fully accept I am a reading addict.  It makes it hard to socialize with other people (they’re always rudely interrupting you when you’re reading a book! Okay, I’m joking about the rude part, but not about the I-can’t-interact-with-you-because-you-don’t-have-pages-and-ink part).

And then the extremely disturbing revelation: bf recently admitted he doesn’t like to read fiction.  Doesn’t like to read fiction?  DOESN’T LIKE TO READ FICTION??!

It’s like openly admitting:  I’m from Mars.  Or….  wait I actually can’t come up with another comparison because I.  Actually.  Don’t.  Understand.  How anyone can not like fiction?  How can anyone not like fiction?  Okay, here’s another comparison.  It’s like saying: I don’t like to watch movies.  Do you know anyone who doesn’t like movies?  Bf LOVES movies.  He’s seen, like, literally all of them.  ALL.  And what percent of movies are based on novels which are fiction?  Yeah.  Point made.

Fictional novels and movies are essentially two different media conveying the same damn thing.  A fictional story.  Albeit, BF and I generally like different types of movies but still.

I guess it’s one thing to say ‘I don’t like reading’ (It’s like saying ‘I don’t like cats’.  In other words, a non-negotiable).  But to like reading but not like fiction?  Brain cannot compute. [As I googled for images after I wrote this post, the image I’ve used actually was in this really sweet article about the decline in reading among adults and apparently women read more than men, so much that if you have a man who reads at all – you are lucky.  BF essentially is never seen reading.  Yes he owns books but he doesn’t actively read as much as me.  But then again, does anyone?  hehehe ]

Okay, I’m kicking a dead horse by this point.  Let’s move on to enabling the literary addiction:  A kindle!  Yes, I’ve still been reading up on them because (another revelation here!) I still want one.  I have read up on the ins and outs of Kindle books (you can share a book once for 14 days!  Handy to know, that one.  Of course, you would also need friends.  That read.  *sigh* And have a kindle.  *double sigh*).  I highly recommend reading the slate article about the cons of buying a kindle book (vs. a physical book which you could later re-sell – which I hadn’t thought of in my original Kindle pros and cons list) and the nature of sharing here.  And I must agree that information should be free – after a certain point in time.  I guess this all goes back to the nature of copyright, but somehow corporate America is managing to extend copyrights (Mickey Mouse Law, anyone?) so that some information and images will sadly, probably never be free.

Anyways, there are some sites now that are allowing for users to share their kindle ebooks.  Ebookfling, for example (only available to US residents, of course).  I also came across BookSwim, which if you haven’t heard of it, is like Netflix, but for books.  Genius idea really (okay, public libraries aside).  Wish I had thought of it myself (actually, I DID think of it.  Gee, wouldn’t that be wonderful if there is a netflix for books?  I shall google to see if there is.  Yes, someone else has already thought of this).  And of course, ebook bundles.  Which is pretty obvious to me – of course you should get a discount if you’re buying a whole series!

Now, onto what I love about  Customer reviews.  This way you will hopefully have an idea whether a book is complete crap or not, before you try to locate a copy.  If you find someone whose opinion you share, you can look at their other reviews…

Of course, you can be led astray be reviews, but generally I’ve come across some good books.  Such as the black dagger brotherhood series.  It’s like the True Blood books but a little more…  edgy.

So here’s the recent reading list:

  • Lord of Scoundrels
  • Dawn on a Distant Shore
  • Dark Lover
  • Lover Eternal
  • Lover Awakened
  • One Unashamed Night
  • The Raven Prince

Yes, I have actually read all of these within the past 2 weeks or so.  Hence the need for a Kindle – how awful are those titles?  Ugh.  No wonder I have to read reviews on Amazon – those titles would not incise  me to pick a book up off the shelf!

Anyways, Dawn on a Distant Shore was okay (nothing on Into the Wilderness – not even close).  Lord of Scoundrels was disappointing, to say the least since so many other reviewers and blogs raved on and on about it.  I mean, I guess it was still good, but I kept thinking ‘Surely Dane would be carrying multiple STIs after carrying on with so many – er, paid women – for so many years?’  Ah, the historical romance where no one is infected with any nasties and pregnancy is always convenient (sure I thought I was barren when I was married to my first cheating alcoholic asshole husband, but now he’s dead and we’re together and whoa look at that I’m pregnant, would you believe…).  I rest my case.

p.s.  After over a year of waiting, my fabric for my experiments is on it’s way down from CHCH with my supervisor’s husband right this very moment, so this may be my last blog entry in a while…  we shall see.


3 thoughts on “BAA – Book Addict Anonymous

  1. Wait…doesn’t like to read fiction….sorry I don’t understand 😉
    I love fiction, well ok I love books full stop. My usual is a non-fiction book to read in bed and at least one fiction on the go around the rest of the house. I thought about getting a kindle simpley so I could read in the bath without getting the pages wet.
    Have never really tried historical romance-might have to go see what I can find (I read lots of historical crime so it’s not a big jump).
    And hooray on the fabric! Time for bubbles, drunk while doing experiments in the lab of course!

  2. Becca, that is SO funny. You and I are definitely the “book-loving sisters” in the family. I remember going to the shelves with the Reader’s Digest condensed books and reading those in the summer when I was bored and had already finished my latest batch of library books. Ghost Fox and the one about the couple who had that animal rescue/reserve in California were two of my favorites–I must have read those dozens upon dozens of times. 🙂

    I have to admit to loving fiction as well. The way your imagination is broadened, the compelling characters, the fun scenery–what’s not to love? Once in a while I’ll get into a great nonfiction book (i.e. “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls, Jen Lancaster’s “Such a Pretty Fat,” “Bitter is the New Black”) but that’s pretty rare.

  3. Ghost Fox?! I didn’t read that one. I did read The Incredible Journey a few times though, and Ring of Bright Water. Haha, you and I MUST be related as clearly we were both into animal stories at that stage. : D

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