I know I’ve said that I abhore techy gadgets…

But I kind of want a kindle (if it was called an Ikindle, I’d be more skeptical).  3500 books in the palm of your hand?  I can see the appeal.  I will now list the pros and cons of a Kindle, as I see it.


  • Carry many books with you at once!  Perfect for travel if you’re an avid reader like me and well, it’s not practical to travel with a library when you’re tramping, or traveling with carry-on luggage only.
  • 3500 books stored!  3500!  That would last me 67+ years (at an average of 1 book/week).  67 YEARS of books…  I have died and gone to heaven.  And 900k to chose from!
  • No embarrassing book covers (honestly, who designs 99% of book covers?  Horrid!)!  You could be reading Dostoevsky when really you’re reading the trashiest of trashy romance novels.
  • No family members judging you for reading something dark, mythical, fantasy and, God forbid, un-Christian.  You just tell them you’re reading the bible.  Kindle version.  How wholesome does that sound?
  • No need for a bookshelf!  Do you live in a tiny house like me where space is prime?
  • Environmentally friendly?  Surely less resources would go into 1 kindle vs. 3500 paperbacks.
  • No lugging around of GINORMOUS books.  Yes, I want to read some Alexandre Dumas but his books weigh like a kilo+.
  • Access to SO many books.  More than the library.  Some even out of print (I would hope).


  • Paying for each book.  Sure there is still the library.  Emily who has a kindle tells me old books (like the classics!  yay!) are free.  And actually there are some (non-Amazon) websites dedicated to providing free e-books.
  • Techy gadget.  Will it be as durable as my Ipod nano (going on 4.5 years)?
  • Paying for the kindle.  The library is mostly free.
  • No book smell.
  • No tangible book pages and book-ness.  The essence and beauty of books.
  • No using bits of random junk mail as book marks.
  • I would probably read all day and not finish my PhD.
  • I would probably be broke from buying and filling my kindle with 3500 books (at ~$5 ea?!)
Would you really want someone to see you reading this?

And this isn't even the worst of them!

I’m REALLY tempted.  Simply by the fact that no one can tell what you’re reading (I’m oft embarrassed by the books I chose to read.  Did you see the list I posted two days ago?).  However, I am conscious of the fact that I would actually spend ALL of my money on books.  Like all.  And then some.  I’d have to quit my Fatso membership (NZ version of Netflix.  I haven’t watched a movie in days yet they keep arriving in the mail!).  So much for budgeting.  I’d actually have to have a book budget and have bf set limits.  Seriously.  C’mon,  books + me ≠ restraint.

Dunedin even gets the high speed download coverage!!  (Thank you, Kindle worldwide coverage map!)

NZ has it’s own version known as KOBO.  Only stores a mere 1000 books.  And downloading books costs about the same.  But of course, the initial cost is much less than a kindle.  It doesn’t look quite as cool, but it downloads the ebook in a format which can also be read on PC or Ipad.  Well, why would I read on PC when I can read on my e-book reader?  And I despise the Ipad.

So there you have it.  A “gadget” that is really tempting.  Thoughts?


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