I should have started a book blog

Too late now!  Yes, I’m blogging about books again.  For me, books are all about entertainment.  I’ve actually been neglecting my movie collection as of late in favor of the printed page.  Yes, I was trying to read the classics but now I’m into what I call “trashy”.  Pure entertainment books. That have romance.  And are either historical or fantasy based.  Oh, and they have to be good.

Books! Glorius Books!

I’ve just finished Beauty and Spindle’s End which were both cute re-telling of fairy tales (Spindle’s End was better though).  Probably be perfect for my soon to be 11 year old nieces.  [It has just occurred to me that perhaps it is my own obsession with books that makes me continually give books as gifts to my nieces and nephews.  you think?]

The internet honestly changed everything.  Now, not only do I spend hours researching appliances before I buy them, cities before I visit, hostels and backpackers, I research books before I read them!  There are too many crap books out there – I don’t want to waste a moment reading them (the newest Jean Auel book The Land of Painted Caves being top of the time wasters list at the moment.  Lets hope Dead Reckoning, which is out today btw, doesn’t disappoint!).

Anyways, I have never really read “romance” novels, but I like a good romantic story.  I don’t dare check any romance out from the library because all the books are – I kid you not – pink and bound in the same way.  Gag me.  Then I found this blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.  Brilliant!  They review the books and weed out all the chaff – leaving just the good stuff: a list of readable romances.

However, prior to this site, I was simply typing book titles into Amazon and checking out customer reviews and ratings.  Somehow I came across The Chalice and the Blade (awful title, I know).  I haven’t finished it yet, but so far – I think it would make a fantastic historical/gothic/fantasy movie!  Mages, druids, druid princesses, Christianity vs pagan rites, Castles, twisted soothsayers…  Honestly, I can envision it so beautifully and epically translated to the big screen…  Would it win any oscars?  No.  Would it be enjoyable to watch.  Absolutely.  There would be epic chase scenes, scenes in great halls with feasting, flashbacks to torture scenes, mystery, intrigue, pagan nature rituals, evil villians…  It would be awesome.  And I would cast Skarsgard as Dain, of course, even though he doesn’t have dark hair.  Seriously.  He.  Would.  Be.  Perfect.

Anyways, I’m holding out for a good, epic ending (I’m sure there will be).  But honestly, will someone please turn my creative vision into a movie?!??

So what else have I got queued up to read?  This is a little embarrassing but here goes:

  • Here be Dragons
  • The birchbark house
  • To beguile a beast
  • Lord of Scoundrels
  • Miss Wonderful
  • Black Dagger Brotherhood books 1-5

and of course, we can’t forget Dead Reckoning!

Not sure when I’ll be reading all of these books, since apparently, after 1 year of waiting, my fabric for my PhD is supposed to be here next week!  Yes, my supervisors and I will actually be opening a bottle of champagne.

Here is one more link to a blog that has some suggested readings (and ratings!).  So go ahead, read something ever so slightly trashy!


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