So I’m back on the topic of games, as I’m trying to acquire some games for our house.  I’m currently bidding on Yahtzee for $5 on trademe.  Especially as bf reckons that he’s never played!!  Honestly, who has never played YAHTZEE?  Isn’t this like, the most classic game ever?  Crazy kiwis…

Anyways, I’ve come across another interesting game – SET.  I’m not sure exactly how you win the game, but it does sound interesting and abstract, quote “giving your brain a workout” and “working the left and right side of the brain together”.

I think my brain does need a bit of a workout.  Honestly, I’m worried that my creativity is getting a little rusty.  Don’t use it, you lose it, right?  I feel as though my brain hasn’t been getting as much use as it should be.  And maybe a few games would be a good workout, eh?  I don’t think these kiwis are quite as crazy about games as I am, to quote bf’s sister “Board games?  Aren’t those something you only do when you’re, you know?  Bored?”  Clearly I have my work cut out for me.

*     *     *     *      *

5 hours later…

I’m still researching games.  The problem is, they all sound fun and I want them ALL!  MUAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA I’m addicted to games!  So these are the newest ones I’ve discovered…

Puerto Rico : Discovered as I asked google which was better, Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne (you can get big packs of both, including the basic game + popular expansion packs)?  Somehow, it came up that both were fun and similar (Settlers having greater aspect of chance), but Puerto Rico was really fun and all strategy.

Dominion : Discovered by googling Puerto Rico.  So, I ended up on Rio Grande Games website.  They make a whole heap of games including “the bean game” Bohnanza.  They also make Carcassonne.  They have helpfully listed their top ten games (Carcassonne is #2, Bohnanza is #4, Puerto Rico is #5, fyi).  Dominion is #1.  So of course I had to know what could possibly be cooler and more fun than the bean game.


It’s hard to decide which ones to actually invest in (hey, they aren’t cheap and apparently 2nd hand ones don’t exist!) since I’ve only played (sort of) settlers, and Bohnanza.  BF gives Settlers the thumbs up.  And of course, according to the web all of these games sound super fun.


One thought on “More GAMES!

  1. May I also suggest “The Game of Things” it’s an easy, light-hearted game that elicits lots of laughter when you read the silly things people write down. (best paired with alcohol)

    I’m also surprised that you haven’t heard of Settlers of Catan until just recently, it’s a classic! I’ve never played it myself, but I knew about it 😉

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