So, I’ve been a little bored lately.  I thought a crazy new haircut might add some excitement to my life (as if a cute little kitten isn’t excitement enough, you ask?  I know I know).  Anyways, there are some interesting free virtual makeover sites out there, and I must say I was thoroughly entertained for a least a couple of hours.  I found the Ivillage virtual makeover to be quite fun.  Mostly you just try on celebrities hair (Justin Beiber haircut, anyone?).  You can also do ‘instant makeovers’ where they add about a kilo of cosmetics to your face, you know, like you did when you were 5 or even 10 years old?  It was mildly amusing.  Clearly I am a minimalist when it comes to cosmetics.

Regardless, I thought I’d share with you some of the amusement (ignore the colour.  I tried to make it sort of close to my colour…  mostly it turned out kind of putrid.  Yes, you can even change the hair colour on the ivillage makeover page!).  Yes, these are extremely embarrassing.

Hmm… I forget which celebritie’s hair this is…

This one is okay. Nothing spectacular.

This one is okay. I think?

Should I go Emma Watson?

Ah, Lady Gaga makes yet another appearance on my blog!

Updo? Cute, no?

And last but not least…

Ice Queen ‘instant makeover’

Perhaps we’ll save that for Halloween next year?

I think Kiera’s cut below is SO SUPER CUTE but I don’t know that I could really pull it off.  I mean, she’s like one of the most gorgeous actresses (in my opinion) so she could probably be totally bald and still look fabulous…

Kiera and her fab short do

Also love this cut on Selma Blair

AArgh.  Hair is so difficult.  Especially if you are an ordinary human being without a team of stylists!



3 thoughts on “FREAK-AY

  1. Go for the lady gaga hair!!!!

    Actually, I think you would look cute with a chin length tapered bob if you want to go short, but not pixie cut. Sort of Selma Blairish, but a titch longer. 🙂 I agree that Kiera’s hair is adorable but I personally would be afraid to go that short without, as you say, a team of stylists!

  2. I too LOVE the short hair cuts but could never pull it off. Because A) I don’t have the facial structure/striking beauty and B) My hair is curly so I’d just end up with a ‘fro.

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