Celebrity stalking fail

Anyone who knows me probably also knows that I have slight tendency to obsess over things…  Shoes, clothes, travel planning, books, movies, games (yeah there was a sims phase in college), kittens, Hugh Jackman (for like 6 years)…  Yes, I become fixated.

Right now my man eye candy obsession is Alexander Skarsgård.  You may remember back in January I talked about relationships with an older man (common literature theme), and discussed age differences (Skarsgård has +7 years on me).  Today, I just so happened to be browsing the IMDb’s list of upcoming releases.  [I am seriously looking forward to Your Highness, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2, and Cowboys & Aliens….  so much that I’ve put their release dates into my diary (a calendar or personal record book is called a diary here in NZ, btw.  I’m not exactly what you would call an actual diary).]  Anyways…  I was excited to see the release week of Sept 16 Straw Dogs has Skarsgård listed as one of its main cast members.  And I quote from ‘The Buzz’ according to IMDb:

Nearly 40 years later, discussion continues concerning Sam Peckinpah’s “fascist classic” — its nihilism and the barrage of third-act violence working together to test your allegiance to the artist. Now we get a remake set in the oft-demonized American south with an acceptable cast, a workhorse director, and a hard-R desire exceed the level of violence in the original. But, we ask, to what end? Does anyone involved in this project think it’ll remain a topic of conversation by the end of the year? How about into 2012 and beyond? As it stands, more press attention is being paid to the romance between co-stars Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgård.

So gutted!What romance between Skarsgård and Bosworth? This calls for – Google!  An excellent source of celeb gossip.

So apparently they are an item.  And have been since like 2009 (I didn’t start watching True Blood until last year).  Celebrity stalking fail on my part.  If I was truly a die hard fan, surely I would have known he had a girlfriend (honestly, I think I had just assumed he might have been gay.  Tall, gorgeous, Swedish, gorgeous, viking, gorgeous, muscles….?  yeah, probably gay).

The point here is that Bosworth is actually nearly the same age as me (1983!  thanks, IMDb).  So my dream of Skarsgård isn’t too far fetched…  LOL totally kidding, Dan, if you are reading this.

I now share this paparazzi photo and although I may not be a celebrity actress with the hottest man alive as my boyfriend, I am thankful that I have better taste in shoes.

p.s.  Speaking of paparazzi…  (No, not a fan of Lady Gaga, just trust me and watch the intro, okay?)


2 thoughts on “Celebrity stalking fail

  1. Those shoes are hideous. And he is hot.

    And I’m a lady gaga fan. Not like a crazy one or anything but I think her music and music videos are fun. I’m over her publicity stunts though, I think that it’s a bit old. I have wondered though, if I were a celebrity, would I do a bunch of weird stuff just because I can? And to see what all I can get away with? Maybe. 😉

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