Guess who just had a baby??

Ok actually not me (even though I know like a million pregnant women at the moment…  apparently there is a serious baby boom around the mid-late 20s).  But I do kind of feel like I have a baby now that we finally have a KITTEN!!! <—See how I used both bold and italic there?  It’s a testament to how seriously excited I am.

Yes, last Saturday bf and I went to the SPCA and immediately fell in love with our new little kittenchild (we chose 100% on personality, although she is very cute, she’s a kitten!  They only come in one form – cute!).  However, we spent ages there trying to decide if kittenchild should have a sibling (she didn’t actually have a littermate, and hissed at all the other kittens).  BF was not keen (he could only concentrate on 1 kitten at a time and liked ours too much) so we only came home with one ball of fluff.  I was a little disappointed.


However, FeaLion (as she is now called) is an adorable and affectionate wee 9 week old kitten and I pretty much loved her to death from the minute we got her home.  She was a quite and confident kitten at the SPCA, and had the best ‘motor’ (purring) of all the kittens there.  When we got home, she remained confident, and explored the house, had some food, found the litterbox, and was happy to play and cuddle.  Talk about adjusting quickly, eh?

The first night, she even slept on our bed all night, right in-between bf and I.  How cute is that?

But after a weekend of bonding, cuddling, showing her off and marveling at how adorable, tiny, clever and loving she is – Monday rolled around and we had to leave her.  At home.  All day.  Mostly alone (one of our flatmates only works a few days a week though, and is often around).

I think I can finally relate to new mothers.  Leaving the kitten nearly breaks my heart every day.  She’s so little.  What if she gets lonely?  How will she cope?  Will she get into mischief or be naughty???

Well, she has already ripped all the trailing spiders off my spider plant.  She’s also been eating that one.  We’re going to get some cat grass hopefully.  She also pooped on our floor 3 times from Monday night through yesterday.  Apparently she thinks a particular corner of our bedroom should have a 2nd litter box in it.  She then peed in that same spot last night.  And she knows how to use the litter box (and we’ve been cleaning it every day!)!  I think we may have to relocate it to her preferred spot…

She also likes to chew on cords, and wake us up at about 5 am.  I’m probably not as sleep deprived as a new mother, but I am definitely sympathizing.

But she is soooooooooooooooo sweet.  She makes cute little chirping noises when she wants to play (and then tears off running).  She is extremely cuddly and nuzzly (she’ll butt heads and give little kitten kisses) and wants attention all the time.  Honestly, I am dumbfounded at how affectionate our wee kitten is!  Everyone who meets her is in love with her too, FYI.  But again, she is a kitten and they sort of have that effect on us tenderhearted humans.

But I still kind of want another kitten.  I love FeaLion so much I don’t want her to get bored – I want her to have a friend (who she will hopefully play with at 5 am instead of us while we’re trying to sleep!).  I think this image alone is reason enough for a 2nd kitten…  I just have to convince BF.  (Please take my kitten poll!)

Anyways, there may be more kitten posts in the future as I’m in lurve with our sweet kitten, but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum (I still owe some more posts on crafting!  Ack!).

*   *   *


In other weekly news…  John Galliano has been fired from Dior! Seriously… he’s… like.. the… most… amazing…

Christian Dior Sp 07 couture (taken from

designer…. And apparently he loves Hitler.   I don’t condone his remarks (racism is never OK!) or views, but I also am not entirely convinced (30 s isn’t really long enough to show the context of the comments now, is i…t?). Without adoubt though, he is a freaky little man.  If you’re not familiar, Galliano has created some incredible collections for Dior.  One of my faves of all time is Spring ’07 Couture.  So fabulous.

Also, I was researching about Melbourne things to do this week and came across this Japanese Spa.  Looks amazing!  I so want to go there…  Yesssss…  Relaxation and stress relief…  Haha.  Maybe in a billion years when I can afford to go, eh?

And in final news, I read this thought provoking article on “the end of men”, and the progression of gender roles.  It’s a long article, but well worth a read.  I see reversal of gender roles here in NZ – with many more young women enrolled here at the University of Otago then young men – many of the young men I (and bf) know are tradesmen.  I’d never thought critically about what we are seeing happening now – with women making more money, and sometimes being the breadwinners in the home.  In addition to having children – this combination of work and motherhood is putting a lot of pressure on the modern women, reshaping our families and values (stay at home house-husbands?) and yes, leaving some men adrift.  Do women truly have more opportunities in our education system today?  How do we educate our boys to succeed?  Would you write your son’s college entrance essay, if that was what was required for him to get in (because for reasons he couldn’t or wouldn’t do it himself?)?



One thought on “Guess who just had a baby??

  1. Get another kitty!! Do it!!

    That gender article was way to long, but I got the gist of it by skimming through the first half. I don’t know about women making MORE money (as a whole) – even if they are having more education and getting more jobs they are not necessarily the highest paying ones. Plus, many women still inevitably drop out of the workforce when they have kids.

    I would NOT write my son’s college entrance essay – or a daughter’s – but I would probably give him a few pointers 🙂 We all know that I’m the grammarian of the family (although, I also make up words).

    Plus, there is, as you have experienced, still a expectation that men, not women, should have certain types of jobs that are more physical in nature – Construction, mechanics, firefighting, etc. – and I am not totally inclined to disagree with that. While a woman could certainly do any of these jobs well, biologically a man is more naturally suited with muscles and such. Is this any better or worse than a woman becoming a child-care specialist or an office receptionist? Probably not, but if society is indeed shifting towards women to be in the majority of job-holders it only makes sense (culturally and biologically) that there will continue to be a gender disparity with these types of physically-natured/trade jobs.

    If I’m going to displace a guy in a job that requires more intellectual prowess then he had better hope that he’s handy! 😉

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