Any resolution for your 2011 resolutions??

I am beginning to get the opinion that no one cares about my book reviews.  LOL.  Okay.  What can I say?  Blogging can be challenging – especially if you, like I, write a personal blog with no apparent theme.  I still need to post about the various projects I’ve been working on over the last few months, this is true.  That takes a bit more organization than I currently have at the moment.

However, today I thought I’d do some random blogging about my various ‘resolutions’ if you will, and other news.  Okay, let’s start with the news.  My sister, her husband and kids are moving to London for three years!  Crazy eh?  Dan and I had planned on going home for Xmas 2011, but now if my sister’s family isn’t going to be there…  we might wait until summer 2012.  Who knows?  Anyways, I’m a bit jealous as London is on the doorstep to ALL OF EUROPE.  And flights between London and mainland Europe are way cheap.  My niece and nephews are going to be better traveled than I am!

Red quinoa – yum!

Next up:  Quinoa.  (pronounced Keen-wa)  Have you gotten into this yet (if not – you will love it – it’s so healthy and delicious!)?  I started eating it (without knowing what it was, but all the while thinking – whatever this is, is delicious!) when I was buying the occasional salad for lunch from the organic shop.  I’ve stopped doing that now (too expensive) but have finally found it at the supermarket – yay!  It’s an amazingly healthy super grain – it cooks just like rice (boiling water, 15 min or you can even cook it in a rice cooker) and is totally delicious – especially for cold salads in lunch.  E.g. today I had raw spinach, quinoa, falafal, raw carrot, some avacado and hummus!  (How healthy is that?)  Give it a try – make sure it is the red variety though, I think it’s much tastier than the white.  It is more expensive than rice (at least here in NZ anyways) but such a great substitute.  I’m going to be eating it all the time now.  : D  I emailed my sisters to share the joy of quinoa with them and they were like – ‘old news’!  Both have been eating it for ages now.  Here I thought I was onto something new but clearly not!  So if you haven’t come across quinoa yet – you’re probably the last person on Earth not to.  Just kidding.

Right, so the above is part of the eat healthy, exercise heaps and try to lose 3 kg plan.  I know, 3 kg isn’t much (7lbs) but I’m at “the maximum weight that I ever want to be ever again after having lost a whole lot of weight” right now, and not happy.  Apparently I indulged a little too much over the holidays.   Today on I read their fitness section (have anything to do with the new year?  I’m sure not…).  Via slate I stumbled onto this nice article from the New York times about whether or not exercise really makes us any thinner.  Which is something I’ve always wondered myself – having spent many years in college and post college going to the gym regularly but being fat.  And then in 2008 I sprained my ankle.  I couldn’t even walk, much less go running (jogging.  slow slow jogging) or go to the gym.   So I realized I actually had to cut down on what I was eating.  I cut out sugar.  And the weight just fell off.  Even though I couldn’t really walk (move) at all for about 2 months.  Hmm….  So I guess this article semi-confirms my own pitfalls.  Exercise = hungry as = scarfing lots of food = fat.  Consciously cutting down on food (especially sweets – my major downfall) = actual weight-loss.  So yes.  I’m trying to eat healthy.  Really healthy.  Like raw veges and lots of tea and generally not overeating healthy.  I am pretty sure I was eating healthy before, but now I’m aiming for even more vegetables and lots less carbs.  And I still want to be fit so no,  I’m not giving up the gym.  It’s still rumored to be ‘healthier’ to be fit and fat instead of thin and well, having no (cardio) fitness whatsoever, so I’m going to keep my fitness up.

Speaking of fitness – I also started doing yoga! Yes it was one of my goals and I’m well on my way.  I went to my first official class last week and all was good.  I was surprised that there was actual “Ohmmming” but aside from that (a little bit stereotypical and cheesy?) it wasn’t too bad.  I’m going to keep it up.

AND I finally have a credit card balance of zero.  Okay, thats kind of a lie, but it’s still a great great achievement.  I have two cards, 1 in the US with a ridiculously high limit, and 1 in NZ with a uselessly low limit.  My US credit card which had been carrying a biggish balance since my last trip home (August!) is officially zero.  Next month I will pay off my other card and be officially credit card debt free, and on the way to saving (for my next trip back home,  as mentioned above).  Yay!

So as far as resolutions go, healthy, happy and saving more/spending less and crafting – I think I’m well on my way!  I guess 2011 is going to be an exercise in self-control (sweets and shopping – my two great weaknesses).   How are your resolutions going so far?


2 thoughts on “Any resolution for your 2011 resolutions??

  1. I’ve totally already had quinoa. It was good, and I liked how they look like teeny o’s. But I did not know about the red kind so thanks for that. There is also some kind of pasta that looks like little teeny balls and that’s kind of fun also.

    Congrats on working towards your goals, it sounds like you’re making good progress. I didn’t make any resolutions this year. I’m just concentrating on doing everything right for the babeh. 🙂

    Oh and PS. Yoga=awesome. When Briana and I were taking classes at the St. Paul gym we went to the meditation yoga and it was all about the ohming and chanting. It’s weird at first but after a while we really started to enjoy it.

  2. LOVE the quinoa post! 🙂 I add quinoa to soups and basic pasta dishes all the time for some extra “whole grain/healthy protein” goodness.

    Way to go on your resolutions! This year I didn’t make any … so I don’t have anything to report. I was brainstorming resolutions in early January but nothing spoke to me this year, so I took a pass.

    Funny thing about the topic of weight loss … I had hit a plateau in my weight for the longest time, and then I started waiting tables. I actually lost a few pounds without trying. (Yippee!!) I think that’s because a) two or three nights a week I’m walking for 4 hours and b) usually on those nights I have a light snack for dinner because when I leave for work I’m not hungry and when I get home it’s so late I don’t want to eat a big meal. So that’s been my experience!

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