Dear Street Legal, you officially suck

So if you read my little rant yesterday about Street Legal (local NZ shoe store chain) and their shocking customer service…  Check out the reply from their director below:

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your email. Yes that is quite correct. Once you have made your purchase we consider the product sold. If you decide and change your mind we may well take the product back and exchange for some other  line of similar value. If there is nothing there to suit your requirements then the next alternative is an offer of Gift vouchers (allowing a further 6 months to purchase). This is normal policy for 95% of retail within N.Z. However, policy is purely a guideline and Managers have the discretion if they see fit to over ride such. I understand in fact in your case that you have already been advised that a cheque was being posted from our Head Office.

Paul McDonnell

So…..   No apology for crappy customer service?  No responsibility what-so-ever?  Thanks a lot.  Should I reply and say, thank you for your nice, dull reply, but do you think the way your staff behaved was acceptable?  I’ll probably be blacklisted forever as a demon consumer or something.  (Am I turning out to be that customer?  The one from hell who is never happy?)

No.  I think generally I am a good easy going customer.  I am happy with plenty of other stores (er, sort of – the selection here is a bit poor but I guess that can’t really be helped now, can it?).  I know there are businesses out there providing excellent customer service, whose product has far exceeded my expectations.  Only 1 or 2 are actually in Dunedin.  Frames footwear is awesome.  I’m definitely a fan of them (and have spent mucho dollars there as well).  Witchery, yep they are pretty good.  AND Trademe (Nz version of Ebay) is awesome.  But guess what?  Those are just ordinary folks.  So 90% of the ordinary folks on trademe provide superior customer service to the majority of the stores in Dunedin.  Go figure!  However, if you do mistreat me, or make an error, I will want compensation, an apology, a correction, something!

I guess I just don’t understand the very snooty attitude of many NZ shop employees.  I just want to say “Wake up!  You work in a shop!  What’s with the attitude?”  Humility is clearly not a strong trait amongst NZ shop staff.


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