So, uh, moving into a house is kind of a time consuming thing.  All weekend was spent hunting for furnishings, and/or organizing and/or showing people around the house.  It was super productive though.  Now that synchro is mostly over (oh yeah, I’m on the gold winning NZ combo team!), it’s pretty much house, house and more house.

Although I must admit moving is good.  You have to re-organize pretty much everything, which means you have to look at all your crap (er…  I mean treasures), and evaluate why you have it.  I have to admit, I have a crapload of clothes.  Like, seriously.  A crapload.  How I came to NZ 3.5 years ago with only 2 suitcases and now I have like, a crapload…  well,  I’m pretty much a clothes whore.  A bit of a purge is probably necessary.

Here is the new plan though.  I want to switch from clothes whore to craft whore!  Oh yes, we bought curtain fabric not last weekend, but the weekend before.  Glorius, glorius curtain fabric (only cost a small fortune).  Which I am going to sew into amazing designerish looking curtains.  As soon as we get a desk or dining room table or some sort of work surface.  They are going to be really cool.  Sure, I’ve never made curtains before but honestly, how hard can it be?  I’ve downloaded some semi-average instructions from the internet.  I even have grand ideas of taking and posting photos of my progress on this blog.  I wasn’t joking about being a craft whore.  And honestly, there needs to be some improved curtain instructions floating around on the internet.

Speaking of craft whoring, I am hoping that we have a “haunted housewarming”.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  And we do need to have a housewarming…  And I do have that awesome costume I made for a certain rock star themed dance party and was then too sick to attend…  I’ve got some plans to make halloween decorations.  Here are my (mostly) Etsy stolen inspirations.

Skull Garland

Cute mummy

Halloween garland

These are doable (well… assuming I can find black and orange fabric for that last one – this is NZ.  Holiday themed fabric is not quite as common).  These and curtains (at least 1 set, that is) in the next four weeks??  Maybe not so doable but I guess we’ll see.  It’s not like I have to make a costume this year.  Maybe I’ll just try for the orange circle garland since that looks easiest, and save the hand embroidered felt 3D skull garland for next year…  It’s just so bloody awesome though (and $42 on etsy!).

Speaking of crafting – uh, yeah, my etsy shop is a complete snooze zone at the moment.  I guess, it’s hard to craft headbands when now all I want to craft are housewares…

On a side note – happy 1 year PhD anniversary to me!  1 year and exactly 0 experiments so far!  Read: Phd = Delays.  I’m just hoping this delay doesn’t add on another year to my total.  : (  I do, however, need to craft myself a sign to remind myself that research is 90% planning, and that planning takes a looooonnnnnnngggggggg time.  So I shouldn’t get so antsy about doing experiments.  I think we can safely say that rushed experiments never turn out well.


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