And…. she’s back!

Yeah! Paddle and fish at the same time!

Sorry, faithful reader, it’s been a bit full-on in Becca-land lately.  There was preparing for my grand holiday, then 4 weeks away (1 week in California followed by 3 weeks in the homeland), then back and trying to move into bf’s new house, whilst practicing heaps for synchro nationals (this weekend).  On top of the usual: work, PhD, attempting to socialize.  So that is my excuse for a 2 month hiatus.

Yes, holiday was awesome.  It was so fantastic to meet some of bf’s good friends in Cali who I had been hearing about how cool they were for like 2 years (about 6 mo after bf and I started dating, around 10 of his friends went over for their own grand USA adventure when said cool CA friends got married).  And CA was sunny and warm and fantastically Californian (my goodness, the shopping possibilities.  I’ve become a fan of Zara even though I was only in one for about 5 min and didn’t buy anything.  I wish I had though).

But MN was definitely the highlight for me.  Just spending time with friends and family, and having everyone meet bf, and having bf meet, well, everyone…  Plus MN is awesome.  Seriously, we are undoubtedly one of the most under-rated and under-appreciated states.  Although, I need to take the NZ perspective here and not tell too many people how awesome MN is, otherwise they’d all move there.  Seriously, MN is like one of the greatest places on Earth.  I’m surprised that everyone doesn’t want to live there.  Good shopping (true there is no Zara), lakes, camping (BWCA!), state fair, county fair, renaissance festival (bf loved that) and eating….  There is so much eating and drinking to be done in MN!  BF says next time we need more nights out and I agree.  We only had one crazy night at Gasthof’s and at that point BF didn’t really know anyone…

Summary: It was great being home – it was really hard to leave – it felt like I could have just stayed and not gotten back on our return flight.  However,  I did and now it’s back to reality (horrible cold freezing rain and wind, anyone?).

However, let me just say that buying a house is kinda fun.  I’m pretty excited to paint and re-vamp things a bit.  CURTAINS.  I am obsessed with curtains.  There are only curtains in the main living area of the house – blinds everywhere else.  Curtains are a necessity in the bedrooms as they help insulate.  But I have grand plans for the ‘master’ bedroom.  It is going to be awesome.  Even bf approves of my plan.  Black and ivory/off-white/cream.  I want to paint the walls a creamy colour (right now they are white.  Like, white white), and paint the wardrobe black (bf’s fave colour is black).  I have an off-white silk duvet cover (I know, you’re thinking WTF how impractical is that?  Well, hey, I work for a silk company and I got it for cheap and it’s absolutely amazing.  And I don’t have pets or kids), which I’m going to accent with black and off-white abstract print pillows.  And the kicker, AMAZING black and off-white abstract print curtains.  They’re going to be the most amazing ballsy HELL YEAH I’M A FRICKING DESIGN GENIUS curtains that you have ever seen.  I’m so excited.  They look amazing in my head.

Awesome retro lamp

And on Monday I was browsing the 2nd hand furniture store and saw an amazing vintagy off white floor lamp with black fringe for (gasp!) $95NZD.  I thought, bf will not approve so I won’t buy it, but I want it so I’ll get him to look at it first.  We went back on Wednesday and it was gone. : (  Proof once again if you think something is cool, chances are someone else will too.  However, I saw another one on trademe (yes, now I’m scouring trademe for everything house related).  And you’re probably thinking again – WTF?  But honestly, I received a very similar lamp from my boss for free – except its all cream so it’s hanging out in the living room.  So it would kind of be like a theme.  So I’m going to keep on the lookout (this one is located in Christchurch and the buyer is requesting ‘pickup only’ – well, bf is not going to drive me 5-6 hours to pick up a lamp…).  I’m thinking I could even just get another cream coloured lampshade and add my own black fringe to the bottom since I’m crafty like that.

So yay for homeownership (er, sort of since actually it’s bf’s house and I’m kinda just like a tenant).  I just need to get out of my lease for my room (all the leases in Dunedin go from Jan 1 – Dec 31 – not kidding.  How stupid is that?  Cuz we all want to move over Xmas and New Years?  and it makes it virtually impossible to rent a room from say now until the end of the year).  Fortunately bf’s sister will also be living in our wee 2nd bedroom so that will help a bit if I can’t find someone for my room or weasel out of my lease.  But the greatest thing about a house is no flatmates (er, sort of.  bf’s sister doesn’t really count.  And we’re going to fix-up our sleep-out to be self-contained so we’ll never have to see our tenants! yay!).  I absolutely can’t wait.  Not that my current flatmates are awful, they’re mostly okay.  I’m just tired of flatting.  Our landlord doesn’t maintain the house.  There is no dishwasher (yay for a house with a dishwasher!!!  My God I can hardly contain myself.  I hate doing the dishes).  There’s so much food in the freezer I don’t even remember what is mine.  That and it’s so overstuffed that

nothing is really frozen anymore.  Yay for recycling and composting and PETS!  Ohmigod we’re totally going to get a cat after Xmas.  Well, a kitten really.  Yeah, even with our new cream-coloured couches and my silk duvet cover…  I’m going to invest in some soft paws.  Even though I also really want a dog.  A samoyed.  They’re SO gosh-darn fluffy and cute and I want one!

Please please please PLEASE can I get one of these???

However, bf and I have decided that at the present moment we don’t have time for a dog (much less a puppy) especially with our future intended frequent travels.  Not to mention that they cost a small fortune.  I saw 3/4 samoyed puppies on trademe this week for $650NZD!  Someday.  Probably post-PhD.  Or if we win the lottery.


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