Aren’t you excited?  I sure am!

The tent BF and I borrowed over Xmas, shown here in the Copland Valley

It’s my first tent.  And ever since my 2nd NZ road trip when we borrowed a fairydown (MacPac and fairydown are the same brand) tent from Unipol (student gym here and yes it rents camping equipment) I knew they were the greatest tents ever.  Coloured coded poles?  Easy to put up and take down.  Awesome.  Oh, and they start at around $500NZD…  yikes!  So I passed it off as a pipe dream for the distant future…  Until today!

BF and I borrowed a friend’s MacPac tent this past summer over Xmas.  A lightweight 2 man tent (Celeste model – no longer available but we got the equivalent – the Apollo).  Greatest tent ever.  Two poles.  Yeah, you heard me right.  Two poles to put up and take down.  Super easy.  Lightweight.  Exactly the perfect size for 2 ppl plus gear and kept us dry in rain, super windproof (other people’s tents were blowing away a couple of nights, but our tent?  No way.  Sturdy as.  Probably due to the awesome design)…  This tent is amazing.  So when the MacPac mid-season sale rolled around and the tent of our dreams was discounted $200NZD…  We couldn’t really resist, could we?

So yes, I’m the proud co-owner (BF and I split the cost) of a new tent, and BF has a sweet new pack (his actually died on the Milford Track).  I’ve got pack envy now (the one I want was on sale for a mere $400+!  I have to wait for my pack to wear out first though.  I also want this almost $400 jacket…  in yellow or black.  Apparently I have expensive taste).  Oh, and we each got a $20 gift voucher to spend in the store, so another $40 worth of camping gear for us!  Woo hoo!  Can’t wait for tramping season to start again.  I think the plan is to do the Routeburn/Greenstone.  Tentatively.  So yes, undoubtedly there will be hundreds more scenic NZ photos uploaded by yours truly onto facebook in the next year or so.  BF and I just heart tramping (this is NZ.  It’s hard not to)!



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