Wish me luck!

I’m selling my hair flowers at the University Market tomorrow.  I’m trying not to think about it but I can’t help myself.  I’ve spent the last 4+ weeks building up my stock so I have enough to sell (and kind of neglecting my Etsy shop in the meantime)…  I hope people like them.  Ah, the joys of  being an artist, and the paranoia of whether or not people will appreciate your art (enough to purchase!).

I guess I’m not too worried about the slight neglect of my shop, as Esty has been a little dead recently anyways (it’s summer, so I only assume people are busy, outside, you know, doing stuff and not just shopping for the latest in handmade goods).  Today I posted something in the forums about shipping and clearly opened up a giant debate about international shipping.  Yikes!  However, on the upside Etsy has added an International forum, which I’m stoked about.  Yes, I’m an American, but I craft and ship from NZ, so for Etsy purposes – I’m International.

AND I’ve added a new blog link.  I can’t believe I haven’t included previously.  Alauna is one of my old Clothing Design classmates (ah, 5 years now!  How time flies…) and has a beautiful blog (I’m so jealous) where she features crafts, gourmet looking food (again, jealous.  Seriously.  I need a remedial cooking class or something, I’m certain), and takes amazing photos of all of these goodies (yep, I’m jealous of her fab camera as well).  So you should check it out!  I aspire to be such a domestic goddess (she even has a gocco machine)!

On another note, I’ve started counting down the days ’til the great American holiday.  And I’m still waiting for my materials to arrive for my experiments.  I’ve been waiting since April.  My gantt chart timeline has just fallen by the wayside.  The new thoughts are that my fabric will arrive right before I leave on my trip.  Convenient, eh?  Welcome to academia (aka: delays delays delays).


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