Vampire addicts anonymous?

Eric Northman

Let me preface this post with No, I haven’t seen Eclipse yet.  I will eventually, but after all the teens have and I can get a ticket on cheap movies night.  And preferably I won’t have to go see it by myself.

But Yes, I’m still on the vampire kick.  It’s a trend.  I can’t help myself.  True Blood is just so damn entertaining.  Twilight is like, epic and all.  And mushy gushy.  But True Blood is vampires for adults.  It’s quite possibly the most ludicrous show I have ever seen.  Season 1 was good.  But by Season 2 (and now Season 3 where I am actually having to watch it on TV instead of watching the entire DVD set in one go) it’s really getting ogling.  Wait, did I say ogling?  I meant going.  Going?  Ogling?  Same dif.

I’m admitting my current infatuation with the character Eric Norman.  First he’s a Viking then a Vampire?  Smoking hot.  He has taken vampire sexiness to a new and modern level.  At least I’m not alone. I think this fan sums it up best.  I don’t think even Hugh Jackman would make a sexier vampire.  Seriously.  And the actor who plays Eric is actually Swedish.  Authentic.

So yeah, True Blood is fricking awesome.  I’ve decided that the Sookie Stackhouse novels will be my ‘light holiday reading’ (yay 24 hours in airports and on planes!) for when bf and I go to the US which is in a mere 5 weeks now!  So excited (for the trip, not just the vampire novels, silly!).

Twilight?  It’s for the kiddies.  True Blood is for the true fang fans.

True Blood Poster


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