The internet = Free stuff! Plus, Feathers = ? and Church < Tree

Hey, so I’ve recently discovered that the internet equals free stuff!  I won a necklace from’s blog.  It is way cute and I wear it all the time!  In fact, I’m in the market for more similar necklaces (long, locket style).  Haven’t seen anything since.

I’ve been hanging out in the Etsy forums (yes, more Etsy talk) and realized that lots of sellers do giveaways to promote their shops.  I know last week I linked you to MonsterBites who does regular giveaways.  Well, here are even MORE sites with free stuff and I’m providing you the hookup.  Yeah, I’m awesome, I know.

Etsy’s giveaway blog

By Hand giveaways blog

And this site gives away a cute little mouse every month!

Sooo…  that’s all the free stuff I’ve found so far but it’s pretty awesome.  I’m considering doing a giveaway of one of my hair flowers as a bit of a marketing/promo tool.  But I haven’t decided if I should host it on my own [low traffic blog] or try and get it on a higher trafficked blog (which equates a different audience).

* * * * *

Also, I am currently considering adding some feathers to some of my products but not sure they will mesh with my current look. I will have to order the feathers from overseas (I like this Etsy seller, and they’re having a SALE!) as there are none available locally (NZ = total isolation). And I’d hate to invest in more supplies if the finished result is going to look weird or not harmonious.

Your thoughts please? Thanks kindly!

* * * * *

Finally, my rant for the day (which I’ve already shared on fb).  Click on this link and prepare to be saddened.

After standing for 150 years, a huge pohutukawa tree proved no match for a chainsaw, a digger and the will of a church.

The great tree’s demise has outraged locals in Taita, Lower Hutt.

“I am absolutely disgusted, I hope they rot in hell,” Maisie Gadsby, 83, said yesterday.

“I wish I could go down there and punch them in the nose.”

So if you agree that cutting down the most gorgeous Pohutakawa (a historic 150 year old native NZ tree) that I’ve ever seen  is an outrage, I suggest sending something along the lines of the following:

RIP in tree heaven

I don't believe Jesus would have wanted this tree cut down.

Dear sir or madam,

After seeing the article today on, I felt compelled to email and tell you how completely disgusted and outraged I am by your actions (Hosanna World Outreach Centre for their transgression… See More, and Lower Hutt City council for allowing the tree to be cut down, despite concern from residents). I would like to see an official sincere public apology issued, in addition to reparation for the destruction of such a beautiful and historic native tree. Nothing can undo your transgression, but I believe such a token of good will would be greatly appreciated by myself and the many other people who are deeply affected by your actions.


Your name here

Concerned NZ resident (or citizen, should that apply!)


Hosanna World Outreach Centre
1115-1121 High Street
Lower Hutt, 5011
New Zealand

Postal Address
PO Box 30-661
Lower Hutt, 5040
New Zealand

Telephone: 64-4-939 1566
Facsimile: 64-4-939 1565

OR the Lower Hutt City Council

Hutt City Council
Private Bag 31912
Lower Hutt, 5040

04-570 6666


One thought on “The internet = Free stuff! Plus, Feathers = ? and Church < Tree

  1. I don’t see any reason why you can’t add feathered accessories. They don’t have to match the flowers, I’m sure your personal style will make them harmonious with your other things. 🙂

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