Who doesn’t love monsters?

Hey kiddos!  I’ve added a new link, but you can also check it out here. It’s kind of Etsy related but they feature amazing sellers AND they are constantly doing giveaways.  Who doesn’t love free stuff?  And better yet, free etsy stuff!  So check it out!

Okay, yes I’m getting a little etsy obsessed but I had a sale this week!  Yep, my 2nd sale – and kind of like my first ‘real’ sale since my first customer was my sister.  : D  Thank goodness for family support of crazy craft endeavors!  Now I’m hoping for positive feedback from my 2nd customer, and more sales!

Moving on.  Do you go to the gym?  There were a couple of articles on stuff.co.nz recently about gym etiquette.  There’s about a million comments about wearing deoderant and body odour.  But here are a few of my faves:

– My pet hate is really bad technique, even when helped figure it out. A clean and press is not designed to make a vertebrae fly out from your spinal column. Please listen to me… cause I can’t really remember my first aid course


Another is really really hot buff and distracting guys. Please lads… you’re already buff, please go outside for a run. I’m trying to work.

– Uggh…

I hate the gym and the posers in them with a passion. I only go for the pool to go swimming.

– Personally, I never notice what people are wearing, saying, grunting or how they are otherwise behaving. I am totally focused on myself and my training, and I think that if other people are bothering you, you are obviously not training hard enough.

– i find the guys that strut around get laughed at, at the uni gym. entertainment. and that’s right buddy we are laughing at you not with you.

– You can’t blame girls for wearing make up to gym though (#4), some go straight from work and why should we spend extra time taking it off beforehand? Doesn’t mean we don’t work as hard (or at least some of us work hard). It’s the people who finish a class without sweating at all who should be fined! Why are they even there?

Rock hard abs!

Okay, admittedly I’ve been dying to blog about the gym for a while now (yay working out!).  Especially since I go to 2 different gyms – the University gym (free for students, obviously) and the pool by my house (it was cheaper to get a gym/swim membership at the student rate because of synchro).  The University gym is bigger but in much poorer condition.  It consists of a weights room (beefy guys only), a cardio area (men/women mix, but majority women), aerobics studio (girls only), badminton courts and basketball court (Asians only).  I’m not stereotyping, I’m serious.  Anyone who has ever set foot in Unipol will concur.  At unipol, there are always lots of ‘regulars’ (I suppose I’m one of them – er, okay maybe not as much anymore since I’ve been going to Moana).  Big beefcake guys who have biceps so huge that they actually no longer have a full range of motion in their shoulders.  Yep, awesome.  These are the dudes who are out to impress other dudes.  I don’t actually know any girls who would want a boyfriend so buff he couldn’t actually wrap his arms around her I’m sorry sweetie, I’m being suffocated by your pectorals.  This year there seems to be a multitude of girls who look like they’re about 12 years old – 14 max.  Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting old.

Men (boys?  guys.)  in the gym are almost always lifting weights that are too heavy, and thus resulting in poor form Who needs aligned vertebrae?  So overrated!.  Very little annoys me more – except maybe the women who are ‘lifting’ but refuse to pick up any weight that looks heavy (fear of getting ‘bulky’ – because all the women there are doing cardio and abs, trying to slim down) I’m sorry, 2 kg is my max weight.  Yep, so I’m in the 1% of women who actually lifts weights (above 2 kg – 4.4 lbs).  How do I know this?  Because when I am in the weights areas of both of my gyms – there are rarely any other women there.  I think most women are too intimidated by the ‘beefcakes’.  Or maybe they don’t like getting sweaty.  Or they don’t actually know lifts and motions to do (hello book a personal trainer for a couple of one-off sessions!).  It’s definitely a comfort thing.  I do agree with the comment above that if you have all this time to focus on the people around you, you aren’t working out hard enough.  But sometimes it’s hard not to notice that stupid chick working out in a sports bra and spandex shorts.  Yeah you.  You know who you are.  Let me speak for all the other women out there who go to the gym to work out:  Just wear a damn shirt already.  Seriously, it’s a climate controlled environment.  There is no way you get so sweaty that you need to wear just a sports bra and spandex bike shorts.  Listen, if you want to wear skimpy clothes while you work out, go to Bikram yoga where it’s acceptable.

What does annoy me is not people flaunting themselves in the locker room, but BABIES in the locker room.  And small children (this is at the public gym/pool now, not the university).  Babies and children stare at you when you’re getting dressed/undressed (it’s a big open space).  I know they’re just kids but still, it’s kinda creepy.  And little boys who are like 5 or 6 (er..  getting a little old to be in the women’s locker room now, aren’t we?)?  And there’s the diaper changing, and the snacking (ew, locker room!).  There’s only so much I can take (I guess you could say I’m a conservative).  Also, the random woman who “forgot her shampoo and could she borrow mine?” last Thursday? Uncool.  Haha on her though as all I had was a shampoo bar so she probably thought I just gave her ordinary soap.

Gym etiquette is one thing, but pool etiquette!  Ah, the [trained] swimmer’s bane of existence – the public pool.  And being a synchro swimmer these days is even worse.  The diving well (when available, that is) is divided in half.  3 lanes of lap swimming, and the other half a big wide open space for aqua jogging (note:  Aquajogging is NOT a real sport.  It should be used for physiotherapy purposes only.  There is no way that can possibly be burning calories).  So I find a lane and patiently wait for it to clear out so I have the whole thing to myself to practice figures (in front of the aqua joggers, no less).  Which happens about once in a blue moon.  Usually I’m forced to swim laps with imbeciles who don’t understand lap swimming etiquette.

#1 – pick a lane where people are swimming the same speed as you.  Slow people in SLOW lanes.  Fast people in fast lanes.

#2 – If your swimming skills are such that you float with some movement (and sort of look like you may drown), do not swim in the diving well.  Swim in the shallow pool – for your own safety for god’s sake!

#3 – Flippers are the most annoying things ever. They should be banned.

#4 – No one will ever take you for a serious swimmer without proper swimming equipment.  If you are trying to swim laps in a bikini, or shorts, or you’re not wearing a cap, you’re not really here for a workout.

#5 – Why isn’t there a fricking family locker room at moana?!  Why why why?!!

#6 – Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you are faster than me.

#7 – If you’re not swimming continuous laps (i.e sitting at the end of the pool) – move to one side.

Golden rule of lap/lane swimming: Be aware of the other swimmers in your lane – i.e. if someone is much faster than you and coming up behind you (i.e. you turn at the end of the pool and they’re right there behind you doing breaststroke) – let them pass you!  Better yet – move into the slow lane where you belong!

* * * * *

I guess all in all, I’m a bit of a gym/pool monster…


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