Let’s celebrate Friday Brain!

And you, reader, are thinking “WTF is Friday Brain?”

Well…  Friday brain works slightly differently to ‘otherdaysoftheweek brain.’  It’s Friday, so I should, in theory, be focusing on my PhD.  Sorting out some experimental work, etc.  But Friday brain prevented that.  Friday brain meant that I forgot to put my specimens in the conditioning space yesterday (okay, actually maybe that should be blamed on Thursday brain) and so my pre-testing that I tried to do today was kind of null because, well, I pre-tested my first specimen and only realized after the test was finished that it should have been conditioned…  Now all of my specimens are hanging out in the conditioned space over the weekend so on Monday I can actually achieve something.

Best.  Costume.  Ever.And Friday brain leads me to Etsy forums, and crawtgawker, and google.  You see, it’s 1 week until the cartoon characters party.  Which means I haven’t actually started my costume yet because I’ve been busting my ass at the gym trying to pull of this midriff top thing.  Anyways, bf said “[kim possible” cool costume for you : ) I don’t think I want to be the geeky loser sidekick though!”  Okay fair enough.  I actually think Ron is cooler and more multi-dimensional than Kim but fine.  Bf has a valid point.  He’s going as Hans Moleman (Simpsons, as if you wouldn’t know) instead.  Which, was also my idea.  ‘Cuz I’m pretty much the most awesome person ever for costume ideas.  Aside from the 7 duffs.  Pretty much coolest costume ever.  And would really suit this party too.  Shout out to my MN peeps!

Right, so my KP costume.  Aside from the flat tummy (hahahaha!), I’m still going to need make a Rufus (and a utility belt!).  Naked mole rat = awesome.  I thought maybe craftgawker would provide some insights to creating a soft toy Rufus but no luck (google was not helpful either.  Like no one else has ever made a Rufus, like, for real?  How is that possible?!)…  So this will be from scratch, I guess.  Yay for just winging it!

Also this week I’ve been working hard on my Etsy shop.  So…  Haha setting up Etsy, listing a few things and waiting for sales to magically happen just doesn’t work.  This has been a lot of work.  And $$$.  So I bought an etsy showcase for June 3.  Brilliant.  Like, has barely led to more views on my site, much less a sale.  $7 down the drain.  I learned from the forum today that essentially being in a showcase doesn’t work at all and it’s a huge rip off that only newbie Etsy sellers fall for.  Yep, that’s pretty much me and I feel like a dick.  Apparently the key to “renew” listings constantly (at a mere $0.20 each).  I’m beginning to think that the true power sellers on Etsy are just a bunch of Craft snobs!  Seriously.  How’s a little person like me even got a chance?!

AND my clever plan to sell at the OUSA monthly market day…  Well that costs $18 too!  Up front!  And the next one is July (hello freezing – pray for rain so it’s moved inside).  I’m a little concerned.  What if I sit there all day and don’t sell anything?!  Everyone keeps telling me my stuff is cute but that they “couldn’t pull it off”.  Do I fork out another $18 (plus 7-8 hours of my day) to potentially not sell anything?  Risky.

BRAIN WAVE (see, it’s the Friday Brain thing again)!  I conceived a new product.  A product so unique, it’s not on Etsy.  Seriously.  Barely even exists in a google image search.  Ok, the concept isn’t new, but there is no one else out there selling this magical thing, whereas there are like a billion people out there selling hair flowers.  Only catch is that this would be a more expensive item to make, and possible more time consuming.  But do I risk it to supplement my headbands??!  More (heavier) start up costs for me, and profits aren’t certain.  I’ve already sourced my materials and they can be found here in Dunedin (yay!).  So what do you think?  Should I give it a go?  I know there is demand for this product…  However, I will have to sell for big bucks to recoup my costs.

Ooh, I actually had another craft idea that has been stewing a while.  Not quite completely original but another way to use my flowers.  I might experiment with this as well – maybe it will make them more ‘wearable’ since no one wants to wear flowers in their hair, apparently.

Too many crafting ideas and too much inclination/desire to craft.  Not enough time (PhD!  job!  Boyfriend!  gym!

An anti-BP Etsy find

synchro!  sleep!  dishes!  movies!) or money.  : (  Maybe I should stop mucking around on this blog, eh?  And get some stuff done?  Like watch some KP on youtube…  Love it!  Oh, and watching True Blood, of course.  Seriously, it’s such a ridiculous show (possibly some of the best opening credits ever – aside from Dexter, of course).  It’s not just the nudity, the vampires, the graphic violence…  It’s the “Is there blood in my hair” type of stuff (okay, most gruesome scene ever, FYI, but so funny)!  Or the “I’d prefer cancer” scene.  The TV first show ever that has made me appreciate the culture of the South.  Yes, I said culture, and south.  The whole pretense of the show is completely ludicrous.  I’m only halfway through season 2 at the moment, but Jessica and Hoyt!  So adorable.  Who knew young vampire love could make someone feel all warm and fuzzy like that?  Something has to, to counteract the BP oil spill.  You can find the badge here.


2 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate Friday Brain!

  1. Agreed – duff beer costumes are the best ever!! Can’t wait to see your Kim Possible outfit! As for your crafty ventures, I think you should go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!! But mostly I just want to see what it is. Maybe you should hype it up!! Also, never forget the power of Facebook. Start posting those flower things left and right – get in peoples faces, start a page! I will like it, and so will other people! 🙂

  2. If you decide at the last minute you can’t pull off the Kim Possible outfit, you could try going as the Esurance Girl (not even sure if you’ve seen those annoying commercials in New Zealand). She’s pretty much the same character as Kim Possible, except she has pink hair, no exposed mid-drift, and she peddles car insurance.

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