I’ve just been invited to a Cartoon character themed party!  It has just occurred to me that it has been over six months since I last attended a costume party.  I think the last one was in December – the theme: 7 deadly sins.  We’re going into winter here now, so it’s the start of the costume party season (it really seems to be a winter thing here).

I’m not gonna lie.  A costume party is very nearly my favorite type of event in the entire world.  And cartoons?!  Ah the possibilities are endless!  I started out by considering female characters.  Velma and Daria would be easy.  Although, I never actually watched Daria so that doesn’t exactly seem right.  I then considered my favorite shows as a child.  Gargoyles, X-men, Darkwing Duck…  Gargoyles – awesome but those are costumes that would take a year to make (I have 2+ weeks) and possibly more engineering and prosthetic skills than I currently have.  X-men – been there done that, and they’re also superheros so I feel that is kind of cheating too.  Darkwing Duck?

A few of Darkwing Duck’s awesome metaphors. They all started the same with “I am the terror that flaps in the night” and continued on.  Here are some of the best:
I am the termite that devours your floorboards
I am the raspberry seed you can’t floss out
I am the itch you cannot reach
I am the hairball that clogs your drains
I am the smoke that smokes Smoked Oysters
I am the ten dollar service charge on all returned checks
and the all time best: “I am the low ratings that cancel your program”

The above metaphors were originally posted here.

Awesome… yes.  Costume – moderately do-able.  But it still didn’t quite feel right.  Then I believe I stumbled onto Super Friends and Aquaman…  and his wife Mera.  Who, coincidentally looks a lot like Poison Ivy (who I adore).  I’m kinda obsessed with Aquaman and Mera now.  What an awesome underwater crime fighting duo!  And sexy too.   I can see this as a future ‘couple’ costume with bf (some serious persuasion and bribery may be needed should such an opportunity present itself…  so many couple costume ideas, so little time, and money, and places to wear them!).  Yes, I’m really keen to wear a green scaly catsuit…  er, no not really.  Regardless, Aquaman and Mera were never really a mainstream cartoon so I’ve filed that away for future use instead.

There were other considerations – Popeye and OliveOyl.  Retro, but… meh.  He-man and She-ra?  Been done.  David the gnome (I loved that show but this is NZ…  they may not have gotten that one here)?  Rainbow Brite?  Strawberry shortcake (vomit)?  Smurfs are totally overdone.  Wuzzles?  Ah!  Then I had another inspiration which was Rocky and Bullwinkle*, or their evil villains, Boris and Natasha.  Totally awesome and retro.  Again, some planning would be needed.  It could definitely be done…

Brain wave!  Kim Possible.  Yep, I’m so keen.  I love Kim Possible.  I might be able to convince bf to dress up as Ron (he probably has no idea who theKickin butt with a naked mole rat hell Kim Possible is, but the costume should take virtually no work which would appeal to his one costume principle: spend virtually no money).  And I’m totally making a Rufus.  Naked Mole Rats forever, yo!  And I pretty much have big pants that would suit, and a black crop top?  Yeah I could probably sort that out (not so sure about the whole pulling off a crop top thing but…).  Red wig – yep, I can score one of those and bonus – if I save it (which I obviously will), it can totally be used for future Mera/Poison Ivy/sexy ginger female costumes.  Yes.  Kim Possible it is!

So what cartoon character would you be dressing up as (feel free to provide both an ‘in-my-dreams’ and a more practical answer, should you prefer), should you ever be attending a Cartoon character party?

*Bullwinkle was also the name of my French Horn in junior high/high school


4 thoughts on “TOONS!

  1. I am already working on plans for a Domo Halloween costume! 😀

    Sort of more a stop-motion animation but also sometimes a cartoon, but I just think he’s so cute.

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