Busy busy becca bee

I’ve been a teeny bit busy lately.  Study.  Work = complete chaos.  Oh, and bf is buying a house.  Yep, haven’t had much time to blog (looking at houses is quite time consuming).  I’ve also been thinking too much about getting my Etsy shop up and running – which it is.  Now, to attract customers…  I think I might pay to be on the showcase.  Because as I was discussing with my co-worker yesterday, the purpose of a business is to make money.  I would like to make money with my Etsy shop.

Speaking of my etsy endeavors, I went to McKenzie & Willis (NZ home furnishing and decor store) today because our lab technician told me they sell remnants of their fabrics (and samples as well).  Which, would, of course be perfect for making little accessories out of!  So I made the pilgrimage (past Frames – which I have forbidden myself from going into anymore – but more on that later) to M & W…  Of course the remnant box is at the very back of the store, so you have to walk past all their wonderful home furnishings…  And with Dan soon to be a homeowner (and thereby myself as well).  Sigh – they had the most amazing stuff!  Seriously, it was pretty much exactly my style.  Big bold paisleys and organic prints…  Cool pillows and wallhangings and wallpaper and *sigh*…  Too bad Dan and I have like zero furnishings and well, we’re not made of money so my plan is to try and get a lot of stuff secondhand or free (seriously, I wish craigslist was bigger in NZ then I know I could practically furnish the entire house for free).  I’ll resort to TradeMe instead (which I have also put a self-ban on because it is rather addictive and stuff is really cheap!).  But it’s okay.  Maybe we can splash out for some really awesome pillows (j/k.  They’d probably be too expensive and why buy pillows when they’re so easy to make??).  My god, I never thought I’d be ‘nesting’.  Especially since, being a grad student,  I also thought I’d never be able to afford a house until I was about 40.  I’m lucky to have an amazing bf who has been saving for a house for several years.  Yes, the prospect of furnishing a house is pretty exciting.

Right, so back to my self-bans.  Yes, I’ve banned myself from Frames. Frames is definitely my favourite shoe store here in Dunners.  I have always loved shoes.  But I have never truly appreciated shoes until I came to NZ.  This is probably because I have always had a car.  Since I no longer have a car (and me + bicycle = suicide) I walk everywhere.  When you walk several ks a day, you begin to appreciate your shoes a little more.  You discover which shoes truly are comfortable, and which shoes are completely impractical.  I still own a few completely impractical pairs of shoes – but mostly now, I go for the ultimate combo of comfort, durability and style.  Whenever I am buying a new pair I think – can I walk all day in these without blisters?  Will they still fit at the end of the day when my feet have swollen up from lots of walking (your feet do swell, fyi)?  Will they last ages – i.e. does the sole look durable?  Are they a nuetral colour?  Can I wear them with lots of different types of clothing?  If the shoes satisfy all of these criteria, I am prepared to pay more than I ever would have in the US.  The problem with Frames is that they often carry many shoes which satisfy said criteria and the shoes are often on sale, thus sometimes it is difficult to decide between said shoes and I end up leaving with more than 1 pair.  As I said – very dangerous place.  At least the shoes I buy from there are super practical and I wear them all the time.  But I wish they had a “super preferred awesome platinum customer” card or something.  Their selection of shoes is just too good.

Speaking of busy-ness, I need to get back to this PhD thing.


One thought on “Busy busy becca bee

  1. I was excited as well at the prospect of DECORATING! and BUYING FURNITURE!! But after I sobered up from the giddiness of having my very own house I realized that unless you are lucky enough to have a lot of money floating around you can only buy things bit by agonizing bit. Therefore my house does not look like a Martha Stewart magazine like I envisioned. (yet) 🙂 Ah well. I still have crafty decorating ambitions with my 25 cent garage sale finds which are piling up in the room behind me.

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