My eyes may fall out of my head

From staring at the computer all day today.

I’m a poor blogger.  I should have blogged over the past 2 days while I was sitting at home sick with a head cold.  The greatest thing about being sick is that it gives you an excuse to do big fat nothing (I personally believe that when I get sick, it is actually my body’s way of telling me to take a break from my busy schedule).  But other than that, being sick sucks.  And the smallest chores (dishes, cooking lunch and dinner) become a pain.  So no, I didn’t do any blogging.

I did watch all of season 1 of True Blood.  I know,  I’ve blogged a bit too much about vampires in the past.  We’ll just say that overall it was very entertaining, there were some striking similarities between Twilight and True Blood, I’m excited for seasons 2 and 3, and what happens to vampires that live above the arctic circle?  Do they relish the few months of the year of extended darkness?  Do they simply hibernate in their coffins or the ground during the reverse (i.e. summer months where there is extended periods of light)?  Such mysteries.

And today I’m still sorta feeling a bit meh, so my productivity at Uni has been about 10%.  Trying to find out obscure pieces of info just hasn’t been very successful.  I’ve been reading a few blogs* on the internet, and it has inspired me to attempt to be a better blogger.  It’s just a bit difficult to find the time.  I suppose it’s like exercise – you have to develop a routine.  But honestly, I haven’t even had time to photograph the rest of my flower headbands for my etsy shop.  Making up the samples has been rather time consuming as well.  Too busy!  I have high hopes that tomorrow might be more productive in terms of sewing and photographing.

Why is life so busy?  How is it that people have time to maintain their blogs, and be all funny, and have followers??  Honestly, I haven’t even had time to find a new facebook photo recently.

Oh, speaking of photos, I’m going to enter this photo contest!  So is BF.  Of course, he already has his photos printed and ready to go.  I’m still deciding.  BF is an amazing photographer so I hope he wins!  I probably don’t have much of a chance on my little point and shoot canon, however I do have an affinity for digital macro fauna.  So I’ll definitely be playing to my strengths there.  BF actually can’t do digital macro with his flash as camera.  I think he needs a different lens.

Speaking of flash as, apparently I’m developing quite the kiwi accent.  I think I need to move to the UK for a while since I’m still slightly partial to the brits.  Not that this is why, but both our leading vampires in Twilight and True Blood, despite playing Americans, are brits.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I think it’s that there is some preconceived notion of the gentlemanly vampire, born in the Victorian age, or turn of the century…  in other words, using a Brit to convey some sort of old school ‘poshness’, even without the accent.

Oooh, exciting news!  BF and I booked our last leg of flights to MN last night.  Okay, they actually cost an arm and a leg.  Seriously, extra charges for baggage.  Honestly, that added so much to the price.  However, overall (our complete NZ to MN flights), we’ve saved $600NZD in total (from what it would cost to fly from Dunedin to MN if I booked today).  And our flights are all at good times, mostly direct (as direct as can be with you’re in an obscure place like Dunedin, and flying to a semi obscure state of MN), we get to stay 7 days in San Diego with BF’s friends, and 3 weeks in MN with my fam and friends.  It’s going to be an amazing trip and I am so STOKED.  So is BF.  As BF said, maybe we would have saved money of flights by waiting a bit more (we missed the cheapest flights about 3 weeks ago.  Would have saved another $100NZD.  Gutted), but now we have peace of mind that everything is sorted.

Ahh!  This living internationally thing really is expensive when you have to save all of your money to fly home for visits.  Literally, all the “extra” money I had for the past 2 months and for the next upcoming 4 months will go to pay for flights.   : (  Which leaves me with almost zero spending money for my actual visit.  Woe is me for being a poor grad student!  Fingers crossed that this etsy thing sorta works out.  I am making “taking photos and uploading them” a priority for the weekend.  Now, if only I could find some kind models to model my product (at mate’s rates, of course) and then tell everyone they know, in addition to giving me positive etsy feedback.  If you know anyone that might be interested, let me know…

* This blog is just way cute.  I love the author integrates the mouse theme.  Impressive and creative.


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