I may have done something silly

I created an Etsy shop.  You can visit it here.  Yes, I pretty much threw it together today.  That banner?  Oh yeah, 10 min in photoshop thank-you-very-much.  The slightly cheesy name?  A name I had thought to use for my own online store someday (until I decided it was really cheesy.  But it is in fact, rather fitting for my Etsy shop).

Fabulous red fascinator!

Well, I’ve decided to start selling these little hair fascinators that I’ve been making as of late.  I bought a few headbands here in Dunners after I realized they were the hot new trend (thank you, online fashion blogs) even though I haven’t really seen anyone wearing them around yet.  However, the only colours they came in were black and cream.  I bought several.  And then it occurred to me that I could probably make the equivalent type of hair accessories in much more exciting colours for way cheaper than what they were selling them in the shops for.  And now I’m a little obsessed with making them…  As in, Becca obsessed.  So why not try and sell them, right?  I think they’re awesome.  And I have done a wee bit of searching on Etsy and not seen anything too similar (oh yes, there are flower fascinators galore out there, and feathery ones too.  But mine are a very different style).  So Etsy world, here I come!  I need to get busy making quite a few more, and getting some more photos uploaded as well.  But I thought I’d at least get my Etsy site up and running (which also takes a fair amount of time, specifying shipping, sorting out paypal, making a banner, etc.) so when I have new ones, I can simply add them as I go.

So yes, here is me wearing the giant red one which, I think is my favourite so far.  I guess we’ll see how this new endeavour goes.  If my headbands never sell, then oh well.  If they do sell, well – sweet!  A profitable hobby, that would be a first for me.  Wish me luck (ok, but not too much luck.  I don’t want to be swamped with zillions of requests or anything.  Mostly I’m just testing the waters here)!


One thought on “I may have done something silly

  1. Very cute! You should bring some back with you this summer and I can wear them. You know, like as a promotion for your business. It’s a good marketing strategy.

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